Welcome to the Senjuushi translations masterlist!

This project is designed to be both an easy-to-use compilation of translations for both games in the Senjuushi franchise, and a way to record my personal progress in getting through them. I'm by no means an expert translator, but I'm doing my best to make the games more accessible to an English-speaking audience! All translations here are mine, unless otherwise stated, and most (if not all) of them will be co-posted on the wiki.

I'm hoping to cover both the original game and Rhodoknight here, but because of the sheer amount of work (and my own busy schedule), it will be a while before significant portions of either game are available... >.> Please be patient with me, and look forward to updates when they're possible!

Various links are above, including ones to both game's translations, the wiki, my Senjuushi writing blog, and general information about the game. Contact me on tumblr with any questions or comments, please.

Thank you, and enjoy the gunboys! :D

Progress & Plans

• Structuring the masterlists; making lists of what will eventually be translated/posted.

• Getting my existing translations posted and organized.

• Translating the last of OG game's "Episode" stories for the Moderns.

• Translating the first chapter of each character's "Musketeer Story".

• Catching up with newly released card info.

• Starting on event translations.