Brand New Journey ~Italy Expedition Volume~

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Episode 1: New Mission

This happens shortly before the St. Dís Island tragedy would occur—

—somewhere, in a room filled with tobacco smoke.

Mafia Goon 1: —Don Bofonchio, the one who withdrew was indeed Bonito.

Don Bofonchio: Ah... good work.

Mafia Goon 1: Besides him, there may still be other moles within the Ragno family.

Don Bofonchio: I see. Rocco, you’re with the Ragno— search for them.

Rocco: Si, leave it to me.

Don Bofonchio: Benetta. Carcanore.

Benetta: Yes, sir.

Don Bofonchio: If my memory serves, Carcanore, you’d often keep company with Bonito, correct?

Carcanore: ......

Carcanore: Yep! I’ll deal with him for ya’.

Benetta: ......

Don Bofonchio: It’s decided, then. —now, gentlemen.

Everyone: Our oath is the law of blood1. Loyalty is worth more than our mothers, discipline weighs more than our souls.

Carcanore: ...and silent retribution for all traitors.

*scene changes to the military academy*

—and now, at Philcrevert Military Academy.

Russell: (Player Name)-kun, I’m sorry to call on you with such short notice... Although, these missions always seem to be sudden, so you could say it’s the same as usual...

Russell: The mission this time may be a bit different from usual. The next place you’ll be going to is Italy.

Russell: The objective is to suppress the Outragers, who have been confirmed to be making frequent appearances in Naples, a major city in Southern Italy.

Russell: Do you know about the state of affairs in Italy?


• I’d heard a bit about it in class...

• Not in detail, no.

(CHOICE 1) Russell: Haha, of course you’d have remembered what you studied. That said, I have further information for you, so please listen once more.

(CHOICE 2) Russell: I’ll try to summarize it for you, then.

Russell: you know, (Player Name)-kun, Italy was a relatively late country to fully unify as a nation.

Russell: Due to a variety of historical and geopolitical reasons, the culture, climate, and such of the Northern and Southern parts wound up quite different. After the Revolutionary War, those differences were even greater.

Russell: The North, which shares borders with other countries, is stable, with the government and Union headquarters in power. The South, which occupies the coast... has long been a den for the mafia.

Russell: To make matters worse, after the Revolutionary War, a new mafia has gained prominence. Disputes have broken out inside the mafia itself, and public security is poor.

*scene changes to a visualization of the mafia’s office*

Russell: In particular, you should make note of the rising Bofonchio Family. Supposedly, they’re attempting to crush other mafia families one after another so that they can expand their own influence.

Russell: Their methods are brutal and unforgiving, and the number of people who have been taken out on the don’s orders is easily over one hundred... The Family’s influence extends to the general populace as well, and they have become a feared presence there.

Russell: (Player Name)-kun, please be extremely wary of the Bofonchio Family— and the rest of the mafia, of course.

*visualization ends*

Russell: The mafia also has parts that are hostile to the World Union. The military academy’s uniforms may invite unwanted trouble, so in order to not provoke them, please wear civilian clothes instead of your uniform, this time.


• Understood.

• Is there anything else I should keep in mind?

Russell: Other than that… I’d say that’s it. We don’t have any information related to Noble Musketeers, so that will be omitted, for now.

Russell: Vigilance is essential, and it would be ideal to have significant military strength involved, but a larger group would only put you in danger by making you stand out... it would be best to go with the minimum amount of people, this time.


• The minimum sounds good.

• How are those people being chosen?

Russell: I’ll leave that selection to your discretion, so first, decide which Musketeers will accompany you.

*scene changes to outside the school*

Marks: Alright, preparations are complete. Let’s go, Master! I’ll follow you anywhere!

Cutlery: This isn’t a fun little trip— don’t get so excited. You’re really loud.

Russell: So the team this time is Marks and Cutlery. That’s... a surprising combination.

Marks: There’s nothing surprising about it. I’m Master’s partner.

Marks: There’s no makeup test this time, so no complaints, either.

Russell: Ahh, it’s that makes sense! I’d heard from Deputy Director-General Kyoudou that your score on the last Classics test was a solid 80. Going by your past scores, it’s a marvelous improvement...

Kyoudou: I’m pleased that you volunteered to go on this mission as well, Cutlery. Do your best on the expedition, alright?

Cutlery: I... don’t particularly want to go on this mission. I don’t have many chances to go to Italy, and Mikhael and Fal aren’t here right now, so I thought this would be a decent way to kill some time.

Kyoudou: Haha, I see. I hope you both have good news to report.


1The text here references “Omerta”, which is defined as, “a Southern Italian code of silence and code of honor and conduct that places importance on silence in the face of questioning by authorities or outsiders”.

Episode 2: Land of Beauty

—Piazza del Plebiscito, on the coast of the Gulf of Naples.

Cutlery: Mmm~! What great weather! Both the sea and the sky are bright blue... it’s really kinda pretty...!

Marks: Master, I’ve researched sightseeing spots for you! The Collosuem, cathedrals, and Giotto's Camaderie​ are all famous! And after that, we can ride a boat on the canals. Let’s do all of it!

Cutlery: Hahh... you’re too stupid. The Colosseum is in Rome... the most famous cathedral is in Milan, I think. It’s Giotto’s Campanile, not Camaderie, and that’s in Florence, anyway.

Cutlery: Venice is probably gonna be the last place we go, right? All of that is in the North, and the cities are scattered all over, anyway, so there’s no way you can go to all of them.

Marks: What did you say...!

Cutlery: Come on, (Player Name). Forget about this guy, and come get something to eat with me. After that, it’ll be sightseeing in the South.

Cutlery: We handled the Outragers right after we got here, so we can take it easy from here on out, yeah?

*flashback begins*

—a few hours earlier. After the group arrived at the airport, they had to find a taxi.

Cutlery: So this is Italy, huh... Even the atmosphere feels different than in England.

Marks: Master, it seems that there are a lot of pickpockets targeting tourists in this area. Please, be careful. There may be the mafia here as well, so I’ll remain vigilant of our surroundings.

Civilian: KYAAAAH!!

Cutlery: Eh!? That was a scream—

Outrager: Kill... destroy, it all...

Marks: Outragers!

Cutlery: So suddenly...!

Marks: Who cares! Let’s take ‘em out!

*flashback ends*

Cutlery: Who would have thought we’d run into the Outragers just after leaving the airport? Now, there’s still a few days until we’re supposed to go back.


• More of them might appear, so we should be careful.

• We can relax, but we also have to stay vigilant.

Cutlery: Yeah, you’re right.

Marks: Ah, Master! It’s an ice cream stand!

Cutlery: That’s not ice cream. It’s gelato. It’s a specialty of Italy, and there are well-known shops selling it everywhere.

Cutlery: C’mon, let’s go get some!

*the scene changes to a bridge by the waterfront*

While they sat on a bench and ate their gelato, the three looked over a tourist book to decide on their next destination.

Cutlery: What about here? San Carlo Theatre! I remember Charlotte saying that she saw “Gianni Schicchi” there once, and really enjoyed it.

Marks: What? Who’s Gianki Steak?1 That sounds tasty, so it might not be bad.

Cutlery: Gianni! Schicchi! It’s a one-act opera, where he plays the—

Civilian 1: Kyaaahh!!

Cutlery: What is it this time...!?

Civilian 2: Help! A car crashed, and it fell into the ocean!


• We have to help!

• The driver is still inside!

Marks: Wait, Master! I’ll come with you!

Marks: Cutlery, hold onto our guns!

Cutlery: H-Huh, wait...!

(Player Name) and Marks jump into the ocean.

The driver had managed to get out of the car, but had fallen unconscious. (Player Name) pulled him to the water’s surface, where Marks and the other two haul him back onto dry land.

Cutlery: Are you two okay...!?

Marks: *cough*, I’m fine...! Master, did you inhale any water!?


• I’m alright!

• Nope, I’m good!


• Are you okay?!

• Hang in there!

Rescued Man: Uh... *cough*, *cough*...

Rescued Man: ...ed, I’m saved!

Rescued Man: I was distracted by a gorgeous lady by the roadside and looked away, and that was it! Ahhh, I really messed up! Gahahaha!

Cutlery: What’s up with this guy? He’s way too perky. ...he doesn’t need any help.

Benetta: ......

Carcanore: ......tch.

Rescued Man: You’re my saviors! Grazie infinite!


• I’m glad you’re not hurt.

• Be more careful, next time.

(CHOICE 1) Rescued Man: Haha, you’re pretty impressive, you know that? By the way, you all are...?

(CHOICE 2) Rescued Man: Ahh, I’m really regretting not doing better about that! By the way, you all are...?

Rescued Man: Judging by your accents... are you British? You must be here for sightseeing, then! Welcome to Naples!

Bonito: I’m Bonito! I’d like to show you my thanks properly... but everything I have is in the sea right now.

Bonito: Ah, I know! I still had a map in my pocket! You’re welcome to take it, if you’d like. I’m truly grateful!


• Y-Yes...

• (What a rough handshake...!)

Marks: Hey, don’t swing Master’s hand around like that!

Bonito: Well then, let’s hope we meet again someday! Ciao!!

Cutlery: Eh, h-hold on...!

Carcanore: Yo, I see you got out unscathed!

Bonito: ...ngh!

Carcanore: Grazie! For saving this guy and all. We’re really grateful.

Benetta: Indeed. Thank you for your efforts.

Bonito: Y-You two...! Hey, what a coincidence to meet you here!!

Marks: What, are they friends of yours?

Bonito: Ahh, that’s right. This guy is Carcanore, and the one beside him is Benetta.


• (Those are both the names of Italian guns)

• (There shouldn’t be any Musketeers in Italy, though...?)

Carcanore: Ahh~ah, you guys are soaking wet. We’re close to where I live, so how about you shower off there?

Carcanore: Let’s go, ‘kay!

Marks: *pant*... *pant*...!

Cutlery: Hey, what are you doing?

Marks: The seawater got in my nose...!

Cutlery: C’mon... don’t blow snot out of your nose in public. Here, use a handkerchief.

(Player Name) and the others got into the car belonging to Bonito’s friends, to drive with them.


1Here, Marks misunderstands “ジャンキーステーキ (jyankii suteiki)” as “ジャンニ・スキッキ (jyanni sukikki)”. “ステーキ” means “steak”, so he assumes Cutlery is talking about food.

Episode 3: The Destination is...

Benetta: We’ll arrive in about ten minutes. Look through the window, at the scenery of Naples passing by.


• Okay

• Thank you very much

Carcanore: Ah, how about we take a quick detour? Let’s go see the Stadio San Paolo1, Benetta.

Benetta: Today’s victory has already been decided. Can’t you tell just by looking?

Carcanore: So what! We can just pass by, y’know. I bet these nice people would wanna have a look too.

Cutlery: Huh... what? Getting a shower is more of a priority here, I thought...

*scene changes to outside a mansion*

After about fifteen more minutes of driving, with a quick break on the way, they arrived at a large, white mansion. The surrounding area is policed by men in suits, all carrying guns.

Cutlery: What a magnificent house...! But, this is...

Marks: Hey, Master... Isn’t this kind of weird...? Are Italian houses usually guarded like this?

As the car with (Player Name) and the others arrives, the front gate opens.

Carcanore: Hey, watch out for the kids when you back up.

Benetta: If there are even any kids around.

Carcanore: Alrighty, we’re here. Get on out. I’ll get a change of clothes ready for you.

Security Guard: Hey, who are these guys? They’re not our people—

The security guard reaches out to grab (Player Name)’s arm.

Marks: Hey, don’t you touch Master!

Marks: ...*sneeze*!!


• Marks, lower the gun!

Benetta: You seem to be used to dealing with guns.


• Just for self-defense

• I keep them with me when I’m abroad.

Security Guard: Sightseers don’t have guns...

Carcanore: Well, these ones will surprise you! They’re not bad guys. After all, they saved Bonito when he fell into the sea!

Benetta: That’s exactly right. I would like to provide a shower and a change of clothes for them, drenched as they are.

Security Guard: ...I see. I’ll get a room ready right away.

Security Guard: Sorry for the misunderstanding, guys! Sometimes, rats from the Allies come here to the South... if it ever turns out to be them, I think I’ll blow their heads right off! Haha!


Cutlery: Hey, (Player Name)... This is... this is...!


• (A mafia safehouse...!?)


1Stadio San Paolo is a soccer stadium.

Episode 4: Safehouse

*scene starts in the mafia office*

While the two of them were showering in their respective rooms, Marks suddenly burst into (Player Name)’s private room.

Marks: Master!

Marks: Master, there’s trouble!


• Marks!?

• I’m still in the shower!

Marks: We need to get out of here! This place is dangerous! It smells like blood... and those two are... Musketeers...!


• Musketeers!?

• The mafia has summoned guns too...!?

Marks: I didn’t realize it at first because my nose still hurt from the seawater... I made a mistake! Come on, Master! We’re getting out of here!


• W-Wait, hold on a second!

• We can’t escape without clothes!

Marks: It’s fine! See, you can use this towel like...!

Carcanore: Hey, it’s awfully loud in there— everything okay? Is there some kinda trouble?

Marks: N-Nothing at all!

Carcanore: Huh? Weren’t you in the shower room over there? I thought...

Carcanore: Taking a shower together... ah, you have that kind of relationship? Sorry, I’ll see myself out.


• That’s not it!

• You’re misunderstanding!

Carcanore: Is that so? Well, I’ll leave your change of clothes here, anyway.

Marks: ...Master, what do we do...?


• ...let’s just keep passing time as tourists.

• ...let’s be careful not to reveal who we are.

Marks: Got it... We look for an opening to get away from them. Be careful until then, Master, and stay within my reach whenever possible.

*scene changes to the CG of Marks’s card*

When (Player Name) was finished with their shower, what looked like a luxury-brand suit had been prepared for them.

Marks: Master! These clothes are stylish, but still easy to move around in.

Carcanore: You two look great! The outfits really suit you!

Benetta: Bella Figura.1 That’s one of Milan’s parlors for you. The tailoring is excellent.

Carcanore: Hmm, which tie would be best? Benetta, what do you think?

Benetta: The red one, of course.

Carcanore: But of course~ I knew that without having to ask.☆

Marks: (Why did you ask, then...)

*scene changes back to the mafia office*


• You changed clothes too, Cutlery.

Cutlery: ...yeah. Y’know, since they went to the trouble of preparing these, I was just going with the flow...

Cutlery: D-Do you have some kinda complaint about it?


• They suit you well.

• It’s nice to change up your look, huh?

Cutlery: R-Really...?

Carcanore: Alright, first, let’s get you something warm to drink. Then, we’ll go for some food. C’mon, get moving.

Marks: (There’s no chance to escape...)

Carcanore: Ah, by the way, I haven’t caught your names yet.

Cutlery: Umm... I’m Cathan2!

Marks: I’m... Max.

The three used fake names that had been decided in advance.

Carcanore: You all said you were here for sightseeing, right? What places were you thinking? Do you have a map?

Bonito: ......!

Cutlery: I have this tourist guide... and the map that Mr. Bonito gave us earlier.

Benetta: Oh, this map already has a place marked on it.


• Is it a place you’d recommend?

• Thank you for your consideration.

Bonito: O-Oh, that. This city is so beautiful, no matter where you look, it’s impossible to pick just one place!

Carcanore: Then, shall we take a tour together? I’ll show you around.

Marks: N-No, we’ll be alright! That would be out of your way, wouldn’t it?

Benetta: Well, we do have to repay you for saving Bonito. And if you’re with someone who knows the area, you’ll be able to enjoy many lesser-known venues.

Carcanore: Then it’s decided! We’ll go sightseeing in Naples today! First of all, we’ll get some food in us for energy!

Carcanore: You’ll drive, won’t you, Bonito? We’ll go to the usual pizzeria and catch up.

Bonito: Yes!

Cutlery: (A local pizzeria... sounds great! But still...!)


1An Italian concept that roughly means "to make a good impression". It's a practice of presenting a proper and pleasing appearance to the world.

2Cutlery actually gives the name “Catherine” here, which is pronounced more or less like his actual name in Japanese. I changed it to “Cathan” because a feminine name seemed out of place.

Episode 5: Pizzeria

Carcanore: Rocco! It’s been forever!

Rocco: Welcome! I’m thankful we get to meet again!

Marks: ...were these guys separated, or something?

Benetta: No, it’s only been since last week. Rocco is my relative.

Marks: Huh? They’re having an awfully emotional reunion over there. Hugging, even a kiss...?

Marks: (Anyway, relative...? That Rocco guy is human, though.)

Cutlery: That’s called “baci”. It’s an Italian greeting. More like pressing cheeks together than a real kiss.

Marks: Hmm... so that’s how it is.

Rocco: Welcome in, everyone! If you’re my bros’ guests, then I can be nothing but my most hospitable!

Rocco: As for the pizza... I hope there’s enough for everyone right now. Sit wherever you like, and have as much wine as you please!

After a bit of a wait, steaming pizzas are brought out one after another.

Cutlery: S-So good...!

Cutlery: The dough is thin and the crust is crispy enough to hear it crack, yet still moist and chewy... the cheese has a lovely aroma, and pairs perfectly with the tomatoes...! It’s completely different from the pizza I had in Belgium!!

Carcanore: Of course! Rocco’s pizza is a masterpiece.

Benetta: ...ahh, it’s the best...

Benetta was chewing on a single slice of pizza as if he was eating something precious. However, instead of eating the crust, he was leaving it on Carcanore’s plate.

Marks: Do you not eat the edges of your pizza?

Carcanore: No! You’re pronouncing it all wrong. And Benetta only accepts Neapolitan pizza, you see.

Carcanore: When he tried the pizza in Germany... if it can even be called that, he was terribly disappointed.

Benetta: When I passed by the shop the next day, it was completely destroyed. It seemed as if someone had “made them understand” that.

Carcanore: I suppose that kind person just couldn’t forgive anyone who’d made Benetta so upset!

Carcanore & Benetta: Hahaha!

Cutlery: Wh-What...? You destroyed the shop just because the pizza tasted bad...?


• (These people— no, these Musketeers...)

• (They’re total loose cannons...!)

Marks: ...hey, you two.

Marks: I don’t know why you invited us here, but if you try to harm Master, I won’t forgive you either!

Cutlery: Hey... Mar— ...Max!

Carcanore: Hahh... Guess we’ve been found out, after all. There’s no choice, then...

Marks stands up to protect (Player Name). There’s tension in the air, but—

Benetta: This was a bad choice of shop, then. Rocco is a villain, after all.

Carcanore: Ahaha, there’s no mistake!

Cutlery: ...what...?

Carcanore: Sorry for scaring you. No use hiding things now!

Carcanore: I’m saying this because you’ve probably already figured it out, but... we’re part of the mafia, but we’re not human. ...we’re Noble Musketeers, the incarnations of guns.

Carcanore: We don’t mind that we were summoned here, but we don’t have any friends who we can easily hang out with. That’s why the two of us play around like this.

Carcanore: It’s fun anyway, but I wanted to try making a fuss with a large group of people too. You guys who didn’t know us seemed like the perfect playmates, so you got dragged into it.

Carcanore: Sorry about that. You helped Bonito, but you ended up keeping us company.

Cutlery:, that’s how it is...

Carcanore: Please, let me come with you on your sightseeing trip! It’s just for today, so it’s fine, right?

Benetta: Your safety is guaranteed. In the name of the Bofonchio family...

(Player Name) remembers the information Russell had given them earlier; that the Bofonchio Family is one of the rising powers in this area, and that they’re a terrifying, formidable existence that even the World Union is struggling to deal with.

Marks: ...what do we do, Master?


• (It might be dangerous to refuse)

• (It’s a bad idea to intentionally rile them up)

Cutlery: I’ll follow (Player Name)’s judgment, but... I can understand what this guy’s talking about.

Cutlery: I was lonely in Belgium too... I was so relieved when (Player Name) finally came... Because of that, I think it’s okay to spend time with him for just one day...


• ...let’s try to get along

• Just one day...!

Benetta: Grazie. How heartwarming.

Benetta: For the trip... how about a route starting from the farthest sightseeing spot on this map, then heading back to the center of the city?

Carcanore: Great idea, Benetta! Bonito, turn the car around once you’re done eating, please.

Carcanore: Let’s have a benissimo day!

Episode 6: Fairy's Coast

After they had finished eating, the group came to Amalfi Coast. They boarded a tourist boat that Benetta and the others had arranged, ready to sail across the sparkling azure sea.


• Amazing...!

• So beautiful...!

Carcanore: A clear sky and a shining blue sea... that’s Italy for you! How is it? You can see the Amalfi cliffs and the cityscape from here, y’know.

Cutlery: It’s like the whole mountain has become a city...!

Marks: I’ve been wondering this for a while; why is the ocean so blue? It’s as blue as paint, but if you look closely, it’s still transparent... it’s strange, but beautiful.

Benetta: That’s just what the Italian sea looks like. Amalfi is filled with the natural beauty of Italy— the sea, sky, and sun, as well as buildings that were constructed by humans in eras past.

Carcanore: Come to think of it, it’s always cloudy in England, isn’t it? You should enjoy the Italian sunshine while you’ve got it! Sunlight is nourishing, after all.♪

Cutlery: Look, look, (Player Name). There are some interesting things written about in the tourist guidebook.

Cutlery: Amalfi is the place where the remains of the nymph who was loved by Hercules, the great hero in Greek mythology, were buried.

Cutlery: It’s just a legend, but... it’s so beautiful here, I can understand why Hercules would choose this place. Everywhere you look, the scenery seems straight off of a postcard.

Benetta: seems like you’ve got the point. Let’s get off this boat for now, and switch to a smaller one.

Carcanore: This one, over here. Let’s go to Emerald Island!

Cutlery: ...huh?

Behind (Player Name) and the others, who were heading toward the smaller ship, Benetta suddenly crouched down, but immediately stood back up. He was now holding a few small pebbles in his hand.

Cutlery: What are those? Rocks?

Benetta: ...mementos of today’s trip. Take them home as souvenirs.

Cutlery: Huh? Are stones a normal souvenir here? Surely, there’s something more fitting...?

*scene changes to the entrance of a cave*

After listening to the boatman for a while, they ride the boat through the entrance to a cave that connects to the sea.

Cutlery: Hold on... it’s pitch-black in here. Is this really the Emerald Grotto?


• (It couldn’t be...)

• (Are they going to dispose of us here...!?)

Marks: You’re not trying to trick us, are you?

Benetta: Look behind you.

Marks: Behind...?

Cutlery: Ehh... is there something sparkling over there?

Sunlight shines into part of the cave. Where the sun reaches, the surface of the water inside the cave begins to glow an emerald hue.

Boatman: Get a good look, everyone. This is it!

When the boatman stirred up the water with his oar, the surface glittered like jewels wherever the droplets fell.

Marks: How does that happen...!?

Cutlery: So pretty...!

Benetta: The color is the same as your hair, Cathan. It’s the color of the beautiful and bewitching sea.

Carcanore: Yeah, it really is. Your hair really looks like a jewel.

Cutlery: Eh... is that so...?

Benetta: The island of Capri also has a famous tourist spot, called the Azure Grotto.

Benetta: ...speaking of which, Bonito. You have relatives in Capris, don’t you?

Bonito: Huh? Ah, I’m not sure if they still live there...

Marks: Is the Azure Grotto the same kind of place as this?

Carcanore: If you’re interested, you should go there next time and see for yourself!

Benetta: Ahh. Italy has so many beautiful sights, it would take a lifetime to see them all.

Episode 7: The City of Pompeii

*scene starts outside*

Driving from Amalfi, the group soon arrives at the ruins of Pompeii.

After passing through the entrance gate, the stone townscape stretches out before them.

Carcanore: Well? These here are the famous ruins of Pompeii.

Marks: Hmm... it’s an awfully spread out, old town. Why are these ruins so famous, anyway?

Cutlery: Huh, you don’t know!? A volcanic eruption wiped out the whole town in a single night.

Marks: Wiped out? In one night??

Benetta: Bonito, explain the story to Max.

Bonito: Gotcha! Look to your right. That’s Mount Vesuvius. That thing had a massive explosion, and the whole city was buried under the ash and lava.

Marks: If it was an explosion, I understand that much. I’ve seen those in videos before. So that mountain erupted...

Bonito: Yep. It was almost two thousand years ago, supposedly around the end of August. The streets would have been lively and brimming with shops and stalls, with a great spectacle shown in the Colosseum's arena.

Marks: Almost two thousand years ago... Is this structure the entire building? It’s so big and impressive... incredible...

Bonito: Haha, Italy has flourished since ancient times, you know! On that day, the people would have been going about their bustling, everyday lives just the same as usual. least, until Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Bonito: That eruption released a massive amount of volcanic ash and superheated gasses, and a powerful shockwave would have engulfed the city in darkness in an instant.

Cutlery: And just like that, in one night... they were all buried in ash, and perished. That’s why the form of that prosperous city remains.

Bonito: And it was the 1700s before excavations began. ...come this way and have a look. There’s something that will surprise you.

*scene changes to inside a building*

The place Bonito led them to was filled with many human-shaped plaster statues. The sight of them drew a gasp out of (Player Name).

Marks: There are a lot of stone statues here... why do they all look like they’re falling down?

Carcanore: They’re made of plaster, not stone. I think... they’re modeled after real people.

Marks: What do you mean?

Carcanore: Ash piled up on the victims of the eruption. Underneath it, the corpses slowly rotted away, leaving them hollow inside.

Carcanore: When the archeologists found the hollowed-out shells 1700 years later, they poured plaster into them and recreated those people’s appearances through that.

Benetta: Supposedly, bones, teeth, and such wound up mixed into the plaster in the process. I’ve heard that it’s one of the reasons why the research here has been delayed.

Cutlery: Uh... so these... are the real thing, not reproductions...

Benetta: When you think about it... it’s quite poetic, isn’t it?

Marks: Huh?

Benetta: Lovers embracing as they’re submerged in ash, parents holding their children close... no two deaths are the same.

Carcanore: It’s a way nicer death than being dissolved in sulphuric acid and disappearing into the Mediterranean Sea without a trace, huh~?♪ This way, even thousands of years later, people will still think about you.

Benetta: ...Bonito, which kind of death would you prefer?

Bonito: I, uh...


• Um...

• Even if you’re joking, that’s...

Carcanore: Huh, you don’t like mafia humor? Ahaha, ignore that, then.

Carcanore: Anyway, let’s go back outside and get some gelato! My treat.☆

*scene changes back to outside*

Carcanore bought gelato for everyone from a food cart outside, but, unable to forget the recent sight of the ruins inside, a heavy atmosphere had descended on the three of them.

Marks: ...that was pretty gut-wrenching.

Cutlery: It sure was. There were even people who died on the way to the toilet...

Cutlery: never know when something like that could happen. I bet no one expected the whole city to just disappear like that...


• Humans are powerless against nature.

• Still, I’m glad I got to see it.

Marks: ...I’ve made up my mind! I’m going to cherish every second I get to spend with Master! Wait, I’ve already been doing that...! Even more, then!

Cutlery: I’m also gonna make sure I don’t have any regrets. Umm... for example...

Marks: Master, just now, I couldn’t decide between the cherry and milk flavors at the gelato stand.

Marks: I didn’t want Master to regret not having tried the cherry kind.

Cutlery: That’s it! I’ll try every flavor of gelato. So I’ll have no regrets!

Marks: Alright, let’s go get them! I can use my pocket money, so wait here!


• I’ll cover some of it.

• You’re going to make yourself sick!

(CHOICE 1) Marks: No, you can’t... that guy told me it’s best to treat people in situations like these.

(CHOICE 1) Cutlery: That guy... you mean Carcanore? That sure sounds like something an Italian man would say.

(CHOICE 2) Cutlery: Even if I make myself sick, I won’t have any regrets! Isn’t it rare to have a chance to eat authentic gelato?

(CHOICE 2) Cutlery: Besides, it’ll be fine if everyone has a bite. You’ll eat with us, right, (Player Name)?

Cutlery: C’mon, we have to hurry. It’s almost dusk, so the stand will close!

(Player Name) and the others enjoyed their gelato and left the ruins of Pompeii behind.

Episode 8:

—After their one full day of sightseeing was over, (Player Name) and the others returned to Naples.

A recently built arcade stands right in the middle of a street lined with shops both new and old.

Marks: There are so many people out, even though it’s nighttime.

Carcanore: Hey, look, it’s Galleria Umberto I.

Marks: ...? What’s that?

Benetta: This shopping gallery. It was built in the 19th century, during the large-scale redevelopment of Naples that followed the cholera epidemic.

Benetta: After that, problems such as deterioration did come up, but it’s still the foremost shopping gallery in Naples, and always bustling with people.

Carcanore: The domed ceiling is fifty-eight meters tall, and isn’t the mosaic on the floor gorgeous? It depicts the twelve constellations.

Carcanore: You can find everything from fast-food restaurants to menswear stores with a century of established history here. There are other such galleries and shopping districts around, but I think this one is the most “Naples-like” of them all.

Benetta: Precisely. —ah, that reminds me.

Benetta: I have some business at the shoe store. Did you receive the items you ordered?

The boutique Benetta went to was one of an ultra-luxury brand.

Cutlery: H-Hold on a second! Is this... Salvatore Gamoferra1!?

Carcanore: Yep, Benetta only wears Gamoferra shoes.

Cutlery: I thought you were wearing super well-tailored clothes...! How much do your wardrobes even cost...!

Benetta: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Marks: Is this store really that impressive?

Cutlery: It’s a first-rate brand! It’s beyond expensive.

Benetta: We hold Bella Figure in high esteem, and that means maintaining a pristine appearance.

Benetta: Wearing products made by a trusted brand that represents Italy is only natural.

Benetta: All of your clothes are from this brand as well, aren’t they?

Cutlery: Eh! Seriously!? You gave clothes like that to tourists who were just passing by...

Benetta: I couldn’t bring shame to my guests, could I? Especially when they saved Bonito’s life.

Carcanore: Anyway, wanna take a little break and hit up a bar? There are some places here that are famous for their cannoli.

Benetta: Before that... Bonito.

Bonito: Yeah?

Benetta: Go put these shoes in the car, please. It’s not becoming to walk around with a large number of shopping bags.

Bonito: ...a-ah! No problem at all.

Carcanore: ......

The bar was crowded with a large number of people. Tourists and residents of Naples all mingle together.


• Today’s been fun.

• We were able to enjoy Italy to the fullest thanks to you.

Carcanore: We should be thanking you too! You gotta come again sometime. I can show you around way better next time.

Cutlery: Yeah. ...I thought bars like this only served alcohol, but there’s all kinds of food here too, huh?

Carcanore: Yep, everyone here in Naples has their favorite bar.

Marks: The pubs in England feel totally different. This place is lively, but still relaxed...

Benetta: That’s also Bella Figura.

Marks: Really?

Benetta: Indeed. Well-becoming behavior is also essential.

Benetta: That’s why, even when going to bars, it’s unheard of to dress poorly or disgrace yourself with intoxication.

Benetta: My gun, as you can see, also honors beauty.

Benetta placed his gun on the table. The upper third of the slide is missing, and the barrel is exposed.

Marks: ...the barrel looks off. What does that mean for how it functions?

Benetta: It means that it’s beautiful.

Marks: ...beautiful... Master, do you understand? I don’t get it at all.

Benetta: It’s fine if you don’t understand. Bonito not back yet?

Carcanore: Should I pay now? Umm... I wonder if I have one for this place.

Carcarnore pulled a pouch out of his bag— stuffed full to bulging with its contents.

Cutlery: What’s that?

Carcanore: Hold on a sec... got it!

The pouch had all kinds of discount coupons inside, and Carcarnore took one of them out.

Carcanore: I got this coupon half a year ago! The expiration date is... wow, just in the nick of time! It’s today, how lucky~♪

Cutlery: this Bella Figure too?

Benetta: No...

Benetta: Carcanore is a fine person, and fundamentally Bello. However, I don’t think this frugal behavior is ideal...

Carcanore: I can’t help it. Even I don’t know why I do it— it’s just my nature, at this point. Or maybe a habit?

Carcanore: Also, can you cut it out with the “frugal behavior” jab? I just understand the value of money! Isn’t it smart to think like that?

Benetta: I’m not going to answer that.

Bonito: Sorry for the wait! The shoes are in the car now.

Bonito finally returns. Instead of sitting down, though, he took a step back. For an instant, (Player Name) feels a chill run down their spine.

Marks: —nh!


Benetta shot Bonito.

Cutlery: ...huh?


1“Salvatore Gamoferra” is an altered version of “Salvatore Ferragamo”, a real (and also highly expensive) Italian brand.

Episode 9: Revenge

Gunshots ring out in the bar. Bonito fell to the floor after being shot by Benetta.

Bonito: Ggh...!

Cutlery: Eh!? Why did you shoot him!?


Carcanore: ...nh...


• Carcanore-san!?

• Blood from his chest... he was shot too!?

(CHOICE 1) Marks: Who did this...!?

(CHOICE 2) Cutlery: Wh-Wha, What’s going on!?

Bar Patron: UWAHH!! Someone's been shot!!

Amidst the people trying to escape, Cutlery noticed a man who, despite appearing calm, was rushing to get out of the bar— and ran after him.

Cutlery: This guy...? I’m going after him!

*scene changes to Cutlery’s card CG*

Cutlery leaves the bar and chases after the fleeing man.

Cutlery: Wait! Are you the one who shot Carcanore-san!?

Attacker: Tch...!

The man runs into an alleyway. As Cutlery follows him, he runs into a person in his path— Benetta.

Attacker: Ah!


Benetta: Buona sera1.

Benetta shoots the man who’d run into the alleyway in the head. (Player Name) and Marks had followed Cutlery, and the man crumbles to the ground in front of them.

Cutlery: ...nh!


• What’s going on...!?

Benetta: Sorry for the shock.

Cutlery: How are you so calm... I don’t get it...!

Benetta: It’s because you all got involved. Shall I explain the truth more simply?

Benetta: A few days ago, one of our executives was assassinated while dining at a restaurant. He... Muzio was a cautious man, and information about who would be eating there was known only to members of the family.

Benetta: Muzio was killed by members of a hostile organization— the Ragno Family—, and it was certain that there was a traitor amidst our own family who had leaked the information.

Benetta: We were searching for the traitor— and that traitor was Bonito. It seems that he was bought off and leaked the date and time of the dinner Muzio was attending.

Benetta: We never forgive traitors. I had tried to kill Bonito this morning, but he survived... thanks to your help.

Benetta: You must have received this map from Bonito, correct?

Cutlery: Ah, the sightseeing map...!

*flashback begins*

Bonito: I’m Bonito! I’d like to show you my thanks properly... but everything I have is in the sea right now.

Bonito: Ah, I know! I still had a map in my pocket! You’re welcome to take it, if you’d like. I’m truly grateful!

*flashback ends*

Benetta: It turns out that the place marked on this map was where Bonito and the Ragno Family were planning to exchange his payment.

Benetta: By giving this to you, Bonito must have been trying to discreetly dispose of the evidence of his betrayal. Of course, that failed.

Benetta: The Ragno member who killed Muzio wouldn’t stop there. They aim to kill our executives, so I was certain he’d make another move.

Benetta: I pretended to occupy you with sightseeing, so I could create an opening for when the Ragno assassin would strike again.

Benetta: I gave Bonito instructions to take the shoes back to the car so that I could observe his movements, and he fell for it.

Benetta: Carcanore was to be my shield while I gave retribution... and everything went according to plan.

Benetta: ...I’m grateful for your help.


• Your shield...

• Carcanore was killed!

Benetta: You don’t need to worry— he’s a Musketeer, after all.

Rocco: Leave the cleanup to me, Benetta.

Benetta: Good.

Marks: That man is... the one from the pizzeria, isn’t he...?

The three chase after Benetta. Entering the now-empty bar, Benetta pried open the mouth of Bonito’s corpse, then filled it with stones.

Cutlery: Those are... the ones you picked up at the coast earlier...? Before we went to the Emerald Grotto...

Benetta: Stones to silence the mouth of the one who gave away information. Thus is the law of blood.

Carcanore, who had been shot in the chest, had returned to his gun form. Benetta picked him up and got in the car.

Cutlery: Carcarnore-san...

Benetta: (Player Name), Marks, and Cutlery, pray that we don’t meet as enemies, next time.

Benetta threw three pieces of paper out of the car’s window. When (Player Name) picked them up... they were filled with densely-written information about all three of them.

Their real names, where they were from, and their lives at the military academy. Their guns’ histories, their likes and dislikes...

Cutlery: Eek...!

Marks: They knew everything...!?

Benetta started the car without saying a word. Stunned, (Player Name) and the others simply watched him drive away.


1“Buona sera” means “good evening” in Italian.

Episode 10: Bofonchio Family

*scene starts in the mafia office, where Carcanore is re-summoned*

At the Bofonchio Family’s hideout, a man in a wheelchair touches the barrel of Carcanore’s gun.

Carcanore: ......

Carcanore’s Master: Good job out there. Your work is always impeccable... to a terrifying degree.

Carcanore: Of course! Being a Musketeer sure is convenient— I mean, I’m fine even if I get shot or die.

Carcanore: With a body like that, how could I not make use of it?

Carcanore’s Master: Still, don’t be too reckless.

Benetta: ...eliminating Bonito was simple, but this was the best method of dragging out those wary Ragno members.

Benetta: We can’t afford to let them slip by us, after all.

Rocco: Great work, you two! You did well.

Carcanore: Rocco! It was all thanks to your pizza, you know.

Rocco: The ones who picked a fight with us were Lorenzo and his underling, Chamberlain. ...he’s sleeping with the fish now.

Carcanore: Bravo! What speedy work!

Family Member: Hey, you two. The boss is calling!

Carcanore: Yep, yep. I wonder if we’ll go kill Lorenzo next.

Carcanore: Let’s go, Benetta!

Benetta: Yeah...

*scene changes to the hallway*

Benetta: ......

Benetta: Hey, Carcano.

Carcanore: Hm, what’s up?

Benetta: Would you rather be dissolved in sulphuric acid and disappear without a trace into the Mediterranean Sea, or have a model of your corpse put on display?

Carcanore: Ooh, that’s a tough one. Becoming one with the Italian sea would be nice, but being put on display and showered in attention would be great too.♪

Carcanore: As long as you’re the one who kills me, I don’t really care.

Benetta: I see.

Benetta: ...same for me.

The law of blood— Omerta—, never forgives traitors. It will hunt you down no matter where you run, and deliver retribution fitting your crime.

When you betray the family, it’s the one closest to you who must become your killer.