Assorted Lines 2: Moderns

First Acquisition

Marks: I’m the UL96A1, your beloved gun. Up until now, I’ve been the closest to you. That’s why, Master, I want to be allowed to stay right by your side from now on.

Like Two: I’m not gonna introduce myself or anything... so instead, listen up, got it? I won’t spoil you. No matter what it takes, I refuse to end up a failure!

Herme: I am the DG3, codenamed Herme. As Musketeers, we are merely thinking iron. I’ll be insulted if you treat me like a mere human, alright? Hehe... Let’s get along well.

Arisaka: I am Arisaka. A rifle of the cherry-blossom country’s shogunate, made after Murata... is there anything else that needs to be explained? If it’s necessary, Arisaka will explain again. Nice to meet you.

Springfield: I’m... Springfield. I’m an Antique gun remodeled into a Modern... My gun has a short lifespan, but I’ll make use of my power until there’s none left. Your orders, please.

Siegblut: I’m the DG36... Siegblut. Don’t forget it. You’re nothing but consumable goods for me. I’ll use you until the very brink of death, so I hope you’re prepared.

Gras: I’ve been longing to see you, Master... just kidding. I thought I’d try acting innocent for once, but it turned out to be too much trouble. Now, I’ll take things as I please!

Murata: I am Murata. With the pride of a Satsuma youth, I will grant you triumph befitting a fierce god. ...quick-tempered? Hohoho! Well! Now, where did you get that idea?

Hachikyu: Hey there, I’m Hachikyu. Ah... I’m ex-World Empire, pretty much. The so-called “evil overlords”, or whatever. That kinda thing freaks you out, doesn’t it? ...well, treat me how you want to.

Belga: Yo, I’m Belga. ...ahyahya! I’m finally free!! Anyone’d wanna go wreck shit when they’re pissed, yeah? So c’mon, let’s go!

Fal: My name is Fal. I hope we get along well. Ah, yes. I’m missing some memories right now. Or rather, I have none at all.

Mikhael: I am Mikhael. Will you give us love? ...heheh. Now, shall we play some piano? I would like to listen to your melody.

Occupational Experience (Start)

Marks: If Master says to do it, I’ll try my best.

Like Two: My labor isn’t cheap. You understand that?

Herme: Now, let’s begin. Heheh, I’m looking forward to it.

Arisaka: You want me to work? ...understood.

Springfield: A job, you say...? I’m not sure I’ll be any good at it, but I’ll try my best...

Siegblut: Haah? You want me to work? Tch... what a pain...

Gras: You’re going to make me work? Then... of course, I’m sure I’ll be paid handsomely as “thanks”, correct?

Murata: Hohoho. If I’m to give you my labor, then I demand roasted sweet potatoes as recompense.

Hachikyu: I want money, but I don’t wanna work...

Belga: Haaaah~~~!? Working’s a total pain in the ass, though! I’m skippin’ out, see ya later!

Fal: It seems that a smile is effective in ensuring smooth operations. Leave it to me. I’m quite skilled at faking them.

Mikhael: I’m to work? Whatever for? ...could I perhaps ask one of my fans to do it in my place?

Occupational Experience (End)

Marks: This level of performance is only natural for one of Master’s Musketeers.

Like Two: Alright, we’re done. ...just so we’re clear, I’ll never work like, twenty days without a break, got it?

Herme: That was enjoyable enough. If the mood strikes, perhaps I’ll try something like this again.

Arisaka: Arisaka... Arisaka thinks that the battlefield is more suitable for him.

Springfield: ...... Was I helpful to Master, I wonder...?

Siegblut: Well, this is about what you can expect from me, the best successful work.

Gras: There, I performed flawlessly. Was that satisfactory?

Murata: Is this much acceptable? Yes, this was thorough work, even by my standards.

Hachikyu: Aah, I’m beat... I’m gonna go home, play a game, then go to bed early...

Belga: Damn iiiiiit~! I got caught! I can’t do this shit unless I can drink cola while I’m at it, y’know!

Fal: That was more or less correct, I would say. However... even though I was smiling, quite a few people seemed to be nervous.

Mikhael: Aah, a good tune just came into my mind... I must hurry back and play it.

Present from Musketeer

Marks: Here, Master.

Like Two: Take this, if you want it.

Herme: Go ahead. This is for you.

Arisaka: Arisaka wants to give this to you, Master.

Springfield: Um... p-please, take this.

Siegblut: I’m giving this to you.

Gras: For you. Aren’t you pleased?

Murata: Here, a reward for you.

Hachikyu: Hey, you want this...?

Belga: I found this! Take it!

Fal: Please, take this. I have no need for it.

Mikhael: Here, for you. I received it just there, but I’m tired of holding onto it.

Low Spirits


1: Why can’t I use Absolute Nobility? I really don’t want to use a powerthat will hurt Master...

2: Does Master think that Like Two is more reliable than me...? Sure, I make more mistakes than him, but...

3: I got scolded by Master... Is Master starting to hate me...? *sigh*...


Like Two:

1: My weight... again... I mean, I’m doing exercises to increase my muscle mass... But these numbers... they’re still...

2: No way am I this weak-willed! It was just a nightmare... I’m getting pissed at myself...!

3: ........ Where are you, and what are you doing, I wonder... I hope you’re safe...



1: I’d heard a rumor about a ghostly cow’s head, but I can’t find any details no matter how hard I look. I wanted to resolve this...!

2: It appears that my new boots are the wrong size, so I’ve wound up with blisters... Can I just crush them?

3: Ugh... I’ll be useless soon... I can’t return to Germany yet...



1: Arisaka is jealous of Hachikyu... With Hachikyu’s performance, Arisaka could fight better...

2: Arisaka hasn’t eaten omelet rice in over a week... Arisaka wants omelet rice...

3: ???



1: When you’re injured, my heart hurts... And yet I’m, to Master... I... I shouldn’t be here...

2: *cough*... *cough*... Haah... I had to drop out halfway through training... Really, why... why am I even here...

3: Everyone here is so kind. But that kindness being offered to me... I don’t know how to accept it...



1: You gotta be kidding me...! Who the fuck spilled coffee on my favorite sofa... Damn it!

2: I have to prove myself in battle...! For all of them who believed in me...! I can’t fail...!

3: I thought he was the one who’d understand me... I was an idiot. In the end, people can’t be trusted.



1: The way the world is... I can’t become someone great even if my performance surpasses Chassepot’s...

2: I finally got what I so desperately wanted. I dreamed that it was there in my arms, shining... and then, suddenly, it became nothing but a lump of dirt...

3: Why is Master refusing to have dinner with me...!? A three-star restaurant in France with a perfect view of the night sky... What about that isn’t good enough...!?



1: How could this be... I dozed off for a moment, and my roasted yam wound up charred...!

2: My heart aches when I think of how tender Arisaka is... I don’t want him to have to stand on the battlefield anymore... And yet, Arisaka is a gun. He can’t become human.

3: My rice grain art that I put such great effort into making has disappeared...! And here I was going to show it to Arisaka...



1: I would up falling asleep while eating cup ramen in bed... When I woke up, the bed was a sea of miso soup... Haha...

2: The World Empire... I think about it, sometimes. Things were pretty nice back then, in a way... It’s just... complicated.

3: Damn it... Even though a new game just came out, I can’t play it at all, thanks to all the work Murata’s dumped on me...



1: Oww... my stomach hurts...! *sob*...! Help me...! *sob*........!!

2: Bored... I dunno why, but I’m bored... Can you gimme back my gun?

3: Lookin’ at that fish picture guide made me think about my old pet, Angel One... *sob*



1: My treasured blue cheese...! Someone mistook it for being rotten and threw it away...

2: Earlier, I brushed past a woman on the street, smelled perfume, and... my body went cold, as if my heartbeat itself had frozen over.

3: I dislike flowers... I’m not certain why. There’s no clear reason.



1: Things that obscure the clear melodies of humans disgust me. I don’t want to exist in a world where such unpleasant sounds are formed...

2: Aah, my piano... where is it...? Why must I have times when I am separated from it...?

3: ???

After Encouragement

Marks: Thank you, Master. I really would be useless without you. Please keep me close to you...

Like Two: Thanks, Master. I never would have thought I’d be comforted by you, but I don’t hate it...

Herme: My thanks, Master. My time at a standstill is over now. I’m back to my perfect self again.

Arisaka: ...thank you. Arisaka is happy that Master listened to what he had to say.

Springfield: Thank you, I’m grateful... I still don’t have much confidence in myself... but I’m truly thankful for your consideration.

Siegblut: ...I’m not feeling down or anything. Don’t get the wrong idea, idiot. ...Herme sticks his nose in my business enough as it is...

Gras: Hmph. I’ve had enough of your encouragement. Quit your worrying. I was just in a poor mood!

Murata: My greatest thanks, Master. Having you here has truly relieved me. Would you speak with me again, sometime?

Hachikyu: Ah— ...thanks for worrying about me. Talking to you makes me feel a little better... Hear me out again sometime, if that’s alright.

Belga: Ahyahya! Chips are super tasty!! Hm? What were we talkin’ about again?

Fal: Ah, you did a fine job encouraging me. I thank you deeply. And yes, I feel much better now.

Mikhael: Aah, thanks to you, I’ve thought of an excellent melody... I must go play it at once. You’ll be coming as well, won’t you? You’ll listen from the best seat.