Assorted Lines: Moderns


Marks: M-Master...! I’m so happy that Master took the time to visit me. Please, stay here forever...!

Like Two: You... Don’t drop by without a reason, got it? What? The deluxe oil? Obviously, it’s for hair— ...I mean, it’s for gun maintenance, of course!

Herme: Do you require anything, Master? Heh, I’m exactly my usual self today.

Arisaka: ...Arisaka welcomes you, Master. Wait just a bit longer, please. Hachikyu should be bringing tea soon.

Springfield: Master...! P-Please, come in. can sit over here, if that’s alright.Then, um... what can I do for you...!

Siegblut: Ah? You, huh? I’m in the middle of cleanin’ right now. There’s dust all over, so if you can stay out of the way over there, I can chat.

Gras: I’ve put new flowers on display just for you, Master. ...just kidding. I didn’t want it, but Tabatierre insisted on arranging them.

Murata: Even while busy, moments of rest are essential. I don’t have any great hospitality to offer, but you can relax and pass some time.

Hachikyu: Huh? What do you want? H-Hey, don’t stare at my screen... Just sit over there for now.

Belga: Oh, you musta brought me some chips~ ...huh? That’s wrong? Then hurry up and get ‘em!!

Fal: Oh, Master. How may I help you? Myself, I have nothing of merit to report.

Mikhael: Ah... it’s you. Would you please change the bandages? Mine, I mean. I need to compose a song from the idea that struck me when I heard your voice.

Present Reactions


Favorite (Bond 50+): Master...! Thank you. I was just thinking that I wanted this.

Like (Bond 30+): Oh, this is nice. Thank you, Master.

Neutral (Bond 10+): Th-This, huh...? Ah, no, it’s nothing. I’ll take it, for now, thank you.


Like Two

Favorite (Bond 50+): Ah, that’s exactly what I wanted...! Thank y—...I mean, thanks, I guess.

Like (Bond 30+): Huh... You have pretty good taste.

Neutral (Bond 10+): Quit handing out gifts like some kind of kiss-up and get back to training.



Favorite (Bond 50+): Heh... how nice. Thank you for giving me something so wonderful, Master. I’ll cherish it.

Like (Bond 30+): Not a bad choice. Thank you. It will be quite useful.

Neutral (Bond 10+): ...Hmm? You have rather peculiar taste, I see.



Favorite (Bond 50+): ...! That’s one of Arisaka’s favorites. Thank you.

Like (Bond 30+): That looks useful, in plenty of ways. Arisaka thinks it’s good.

Neutral (Bond 10+): What is that supposed to be?’s strange.



Favorite (Bond 50+): This is for me...? I don’t know what to say... I’ll treasure it forever.

Like (Bond 30+): Thank you very much. I’ll use it well.

Neutral (Bond 10+): Is that a supply item? ...if that’s the case, I’ll take it.



Favorite (Bond 50+): Heh... you’ve got a surprisingly good eye. Thanks, I appreciate it. Now, what am I gonna do with this...?

Like (Bond 30+): Mmm, well, I guess I can use it. I’ll take it, I guess.

Neutral (Bond 10+): Haah...? Why the hell’d you think I’d want that? Try again, ya’ hear me?



Favorite (Bond 50+): Heh, that’s pretty good. I offer my thanks.

Like (Bond 30+): Mm, I suppose that gets a passing mark.

Neutral (Bond 10+): Goodness, you didn’t consider my tastes at all, did you?



Favorite (Bond 50+): You have good taste, I see. Such a magnificent gift... I’ll treasure it. Hohoho.

Like (Bond 30+): Oh, that was a rather good choice. Thank you, I’ll make good use of it.

Neutral (Bond 10+): Mm... that is...? I don’t understand what it’s for... Is it worth accepting, I wonder...?



Favorite (Bond 50+): Oh...! That’s exactly what I wanted. You’re really giving it to me? ...Thank you.

Like (Bond 30+): Heh... You’re giving this to me? Thanks. It looks useful enough.

Neutral (Bond 10+): Haa... You’ve got weird taste, you know that? I guess I’ll take it, though.



Favorite (Bond 50+): Oh! You got me somethin’ good! Awesome~ Ahyahyahya!

Like (Bond 30+): Mmm... I guess it ain’t bad. I’ll take it!

Neutral (Bond 10+): Waaah... why’d it have to be this...? Swap me! I want somethin’ different, got it?



Favorite (Bond 50+): Oh, this is...! Such a gift from you... I’m rather impressed. I’m most grateful for your consideration.

Like (Bond 30+): Hm... This isn’t bad. The quality is acceptable, so it wasn’t a wasteful choice.

Neutral (Bond 10+): ....... When giving a gift, isn’t it typical to consider whether or not it will be to the recipient’s liking?



Favorite (Bond 50+): This is... heheh. I’m glad to have you as a Master. Such a beautiful air to it...

Like (Bond 30+): Hmmm... not bad. I can’t say it’s ideal, but it’s worth accepting, at least

Neutral (Bond 10+): Non... this isn’t beautiful at all. I need have a talk with you about your tastes. Come, now.

Maintenance (Unlock)

Marks: Would you please do my maintenance, Master? You don’t have to do anything special. Look it over, touch it, polish it, just like you’ve done up until now... If I had to ask for anything, I’d be happy if you’d treat my gun with love.

Like Two: Maintaining a gun is like maintaining beauty. Consistency is important... don’t you dare skip out, got it? Although looking at Marks, I guess I don’t have anything to worry about... Try polishing my gun. I’ll see how you do on your first try.

Herme: Of course, Master. I’ll entrust my gun to you. ...heh. I wonder if you’ll handle a gun the same way you handle your Musketeers? Let’s see how well you can do— don’t disappoint me, alright?

Arisaka: Arisaka can perform the routine maintenance and repairs needed to remain in good condition. Master’s assistance is also acceptable, Arisaka thinks. ...acceptable.

Springfield: Um... I’d be grateful if you’d help with my gun’s maintenance, if that’s alright? My gun is said to have a short lifespan, but... ...I want to be here with you, with everyone, for a little longer...

Siegblut: Hey. Here’s my gun; do the maintenance. ...It’s not like I’m relying on you. I’m just getting whatever use I can out of you, that’s it. You might as well make yourself helpful until you drop dead. ...or something like that. You understand me?

Gras: Hey, Master. Won’t you hurry up and touch me...? ...don’t look at me like that. I’m saying you can work on my gun, is all! Understand!?

Murata: Classwork, training— even consulting with your Musketeers. Goodness me, you’re terribly busy, aren’t you? As a show of my gratitude, I shall offer you the privilege of performing my maintenance. have no particular desire to increase your workload, you say? Hohoho!

Hachikyu: You’re pretty good at gun maintenance, aren’t you? I hear that kinda thing from everyone, anyway. ...honestly, maintenance is a total chore... it’s a pain, right? It’s not? Seriously? Then, can I get you to do it for me? Aah, that’s a huge help. Thx.

Belga: Ah? You wanna touch me? I don’t really care, but this thing’s killed people, y’know? ...maintenance? Dunno what that means, but if it’s a good thing, then that’s good!

Fal: Allow another person to perform my gun’s maintenance, you say? Ah, since it would be entrusted to my Master, “another person” may not be the correct way to think of it, though the sentiment remains. If that’s what you wish, then go ahead. I wouldn’t object.

Mikhael: Hey, you. I want you to work with my gun. My hands exist to play music... Do yours exist to care for our guns, I wonder?

Maintenance (Completion)

Marks: The inside of my chest is all warm... Is this what “happy” feels like...? Master did this for me... thank you.

Like Two: Oh, thank you. looks good. You handle guns so carefully... I can see how Marks wound up like that.

Herme: Heh... you performed my maintenance just the same as I would. Impressive... You did well, so I’ll praise you for that. Heheh.

Arisaka: Arisaka is... surprised by this result. Arisaka also wants to be taught your techniques. Would... it be alright to ask for this again sometime?

Springfield: Thank you very much... You doing something like this for me... somehow,I feel a little stronger. How strange...

Siegblut: can tell by handling it, huh? The spirit of everyone who’s used this gun... I can’t fail... I can’t...!

Gras: Oh... that’s beautiful. This is precisely the work befitting me. You did well, so I’ll praise you. ...come here.

Murata: This is... excellent work, Master. Truly, I’m as grateful as the seas and valleys are deep... It will be a challenge to repay you. Hohoho.

Hachikyu: Wow... did you really do this? Eeeh... you did a way more careful job than I woulda... Thanks. Um... I feel kinda pampered.

Belga: Aah!? Don’t touch my gun without askin’! Huh? You did my maintenance? That’s it? Heh, thanks!

Fal: My sincerest thanks. Impressively thorough... very well. I’m pleased with this result. Again, thank you.

Mikhael: The rhythm your fingers create... is pleasant. You should try playing the piano as well.

Gifts From Musketeers (25 Interactions)

Marks —> Like Two (Sit-up Roller Wheel)

Marks: Master, could you pass this on to Like Two for me? (If he gets caught up in strength training, the next mission will automatically be just me and Master...!)

Like Two: This is from Marks...? Not bad... though, if he’s giving me something like this, there’s definitely some ulterior motive.


Like Two —> Fal (That Day’s Newspaper Clipping1)

Like Two: Give this to Fal for me. Ah. I think it could kick-start some memories coming back, that’s all. If it’s from you, he’s more likely to take it.

Fal: This is from Like Two...? An old newspaper... I’m afraid I don’t understand his intentions. Did he force you to deliver this rubbish?


Herme —> Siegblut (Matching Underwear)

Herme: Oh, Master. My apologies, but would you be able to deliver this to Sieg? Eh? What is it? Heh, that’s a secret between brothers. Even Master shouldn’t know, alright?

Siegblut: Ugh, the fuck’s this...? “So we brothers can match”, huh? Th-That bastard, Herme... what was he thinking...!? Or was he not thinking at all? Damn it...!


Arisaka —> Hachikyu (Parquet2 Karakuri Box)

Arisaka: I bought this souvenir from Hakone for Hachikyu, but I can’t find him anywhere. If you happen to see him, could you please pass it on?

Hachikyu: From Arisaka...? Eeh... this is a local specialty of Hakone, yeah? That’s pretty neat... Guess I should thank him.


Springfield —> Charleville (Jelly Beans)

Springfield: Master, could you please give this to Charle-niisan...? He has such refined taste, I don’t have the courage to give sweets like these to him directly... I’m very sorry to ask, but would you do it...?

Charleville: Huh, this was sent from Springy!? What adorable candy! Wonderful! I’ll serve them at tea with everyone. ♪


Siegblut —> Dreyse (Latest Electronic)

Siegblut: You sure showed up at a good time. Could you give this thing to Dreyse? Great. Now, I can pin the blame on... Nah, it’s nothin’.

Dreyse: That’s... the appliance I lent! The switch is broken, so it can’t even turn on!! What did he do...!?


Gras —> Chassepot (Dehumidifier)

Gras: Ah, Master, what good timing. Give this to Chassepot. I accidentally received a package meant for him, you see. Tch... it’d be too much of a pain to do it myself.

Chassepot: G-Gras gave this to me...? From him, it should be something worthless, but this is...! Something this practical is just irritating...!


Murata —> Arisaka (Yam)

Murata: Master, would you please deliver this to Arisaka? I would have liked to see the delight on his face upon receiving this, but, unfortunately, I have some business to attend to.

Arisaka: That’s...! Just what I’d expect from Murata. Arisaka is very happy. I’ll eat it now. *munch*... *munch*...


Hachikyu —> Murata (Yam)

Hachikyu: Here’s the plan. With this, I’m gonna get to play my new game as much as I want! You need to give this to Murata, ‘kay? While he’s occupied with eating it, I should get some peace...!

Murata: What’s this...! How thoughtful of Hachikyu to send it. ♪ While we’re at it, let’s have tea as well. Tea, please!


Belga —> Karl (Candy Wrapper)

Belga: Hey, hey, go give this to the pipsqueak! Huh? I mean Karl, of course! Give it to him, got it? Aah, my pocket’s all cleaned out—!

Karl: This is from Belga, you say? What was he thinking, giving this to someone... Goodness, how troublesome he is.


Fal —> Marks (Purple Teacup)

Fal: Ah, you came at a good time. This... er, for you... No, rather, would you deliver this to Marks-san, please? He doesn’t appear to have a teacup, so this one should suffice.

Marks: Fal gave this to me...? Why...? If it was a set of two, then Master and I could match.


Mikhael —> Cutlery (Yellow and White Bouquet)

Mikhael: When I perform outside, I often receive flowers. At this rate, the room will overflow... Would you please give this to Cutlery for me?

Cutlery: Woah, this is from Mikhael...!? Awesome! Mikhael’s room is always full of flowers. If I decorate my room with them too, we’ll match!


1Implied to be from the day the World Empire fell.

2A type of wooden puzzle box.

Gifts From Musketeers (100 Interactions)

Marks: I’m always grateful to you, Master. This is a show of my thanks. ...I’ll be happy if you like it.

((Medicinal tea brewed by Marks))


Like Two: Hey. This is... for you. ...what!? I felt like giving it to you for some reason, so just take it already!

((Like Two’s favorite protein supplement))


Herme: Master, could you please come here? I have a gift for you today. I’d be delighted for you to have it.

((Stollen1 special-ordered by Herme))


Arisaka: I’ve prepared a gift for you. Do you like it...?

((Sweet potato from Arisaka))


Springfield: This is a gift from me, Master. I’m not sure if you’ll like it very well, but... Would you please accept it?

((Springfield’s favorite apple pie))


Siegblut: This came out good, so I’m giving some to you. It’s black forest cake, made by me. Since it’s my work, it’s perfect.

((Siegblut’s homemade black forest cake))


Gras: I went out of my way to prepare a present for you, so accept it. Here, be grateful.

((Gras’s mature tiramisu))


Murata: Ah, Master. This is a gift from me; please accept it. It may be useful to you, I believe.

((Yam castella cake from Murata))


Hachikyu: ...H-Hey, Master. This is for you. You’re always givin’ me lots of stuff, so I’m returning the favor. There’s no deeper meaning to it!

((Sweets that Hachikyu won from a crane game))


Belga: Hey, Master. I got somethin’ for you. I grabbed this while I was skippin’ class. We’re even now, since I’m giving it to you!

((Fruit basket Belga took from the town market))


Fal: Here, please take this. It would go well with wine, but... You may not be ready for that yet. Heheh.

((A cheese set carefully selected by Fal))


Mikhael: Hey, you. I’m quite certain you’ll be pleased with this; was I correct?

((A share of strawberries from Mikhael))



1A kind of German fruit cake.