Valentine's Lines (2023)



Friend Chocolate: Master! Are you giving me chocolate!? Thank you!! I’m so hap... friend? But, I’m Master’s partner, right? Friend...?

Dear Chocolate: Master... f-for me...? This is...! ...! Shit, I’m so happy... ...thank you...! I’ll treasure it forever!!


Like Two

Friend Chocolate: Chocolate? Ah, it is that day, isn’t it? Thanks. ...however, you’d better take responsibility for giving me this calorie bomb and come train with me to burn it off.

Dear Chocolate: Ahh, you really are still a student, huh... With all of this fighting, I kinda forgot. Well, guess I’ll play your cool senior, this time.



Friend Chocolate: Thank you so much, Master. Um... Charleville-niisan and I made this as well. If it’s alright... would you take it?

Dear Chocolate: Th-Thank you... Even for someone like— no, you made this for me, didn’t you? Hehe, it’s delicious. Sweet and happy!



Friend Chocolate: I’m so happy to be receiving chocolate from you, I could grow wings and ascend to heaven.♡ Or something like that, at least. Thank you.

Dear Chocolate: Huh? Dear Chocolate, for me? Is this a joke? From you, who refuses my advances at every turn... um... you’re serious? No way...



Friend Chocolate: Oh, you’re giving this to me? Chocolate, hm? ...thank you. I’ll have to put it in the refrigerator, so it doesn’t melt.

Dear Chocolate: Thank you. To show my thanks, I invite you to Germany. Shall I go ahead and submit your application to the German branch? We’ll welcome you there... heheh.



Friend Chocolate: Chocolate? ...friend chocolate? ...friends... N-Nevermind, it’s nothing. You make sweets too? Next time, let’s make something together, ‘kay?

Dear Chocolate: There’s seriously something wrong with your taste, you know that? Even though I call you consumable goods... You’d better prepare yourself for me to return the favor, got it!?



Friend Chocolate: Chocolate is always delicious, but it seems to be sweeter and better-tasting when it comes from Master. Master is... amazing.

Dear Chocolate: Chocolate... Arisaka is happy. Whether it’s solid or melted, in cake or in ice cream, Arisaka thinks chocolate is delicious.



Friend Chocolate: In the Self-Defense force, Valentine’s Day isn’t too popular. As expected, the military academy is filled with the kind of young, trendy people who would enjoy it.

Dear Chocolate: What delicious-looking chocolate. How delightful.♪ Now, how should I show my thanks? Would you like a hug? A kiss? Or perhaps I should pat your head.



Friend Chocolate: Oh, leftovers, huh? I’ll take ‘em. Sorry, but I’m in the middle of a boss battle, so just set ‘em over there.

Dear Chocolate: This is the same as what you gave to everybody else, right? Huh? That’s wrong...? Ah, you made ‘em special for everyone. Huh? Even me? E-Ehh...



Friend Chocolate: I fuckin’ hate cavities! And if I eat a buncha chocolate, I’ll get ‘em, right? If you’re gonna give me chocolate, then would’ya brush my teeth too?

Dear Chocolate: Valentine’s Day is for confessin’ to the guy ya like, right? Does that mean you like me? ...I don’t hate you, either!



Friend Chocolate: Ah, is that chocolate? It would be inconvenient if you had any leftovers, so I’ll take it. It was intended for me, to begin with? Haa... you really are an unusual one.

Dear Chocolate: If you try to strike the air, will you hit anything? Giving me chocolates is just the same. Still, I’ll accept it for its nutritional value.



Friend Chocolate: Oh, chocolate., I prefer something slightly more bitter, so please bring me such instead.

Dear Chocolate: Thank you. I was just wanting to eat something sweet. I don’t want to dirty the keys, so let me eat from your hand.



Friend Chocolate: Wow, this is friend chocolate, isn’t it? Thank you very much, Master! Yes! I’ll be waiting for the other one!

Dear Chocolate: Eh!? You’re giving me Dear Chocolate, Master!? ...actually, I knew about it already, from yesterday. You made it by hand, special for me, didn’t you?



Friend Chocolate: You’ve got some guts to be giving chocolate to me. I’ll make an exception and accept it because it’s from you, but don’t count on me eating it.

Dear Chocolate: Since you’re giving this to me, I see you’ve decided to be my Master and my Master alone. Heheh... both this chocolate and you now belong to me.



Friend Chocolate: Oh! Thank you, Master.☆ I’m gonna go deliver Valentine’s gifts to the town, too! Ring, ring~♪

Dear Chocolate: Wow! Is this Valentine’s chocolate from Master!? I’m so happy! Now, lemme take a bit~ Mmh! Sweet!♥



Friend Chocolate: Ah, you’re givin’ me friend chocolate. Thanks a bunch! And no, I’m not... not stressin’ about it at all! Not a bit! I don’t care about Dear Chocolate at all!

Dear Chocolate: Master is giving Dear Chocolate to me...!? Thanks so much!! But, I wasn’t ready for this at all... nn! I’m gonna go stand under a waterfall for a bit now!*

*A stereotypical form of training done to increase mental fortitude.



Friend Chocolate: So you’re giving me chocolate too, Master? I’m getting a lot of it today... it’s Valentine’s Day? Ahh... so that’s it.

Dear Chocolate: Thank you. I don’t know much about feelings of love, but for Master’s sake, from now on— huh? This isn’t the same thing? I see...



Friend Chocolate: Oh, Master’s giving me friend chocolate? I have something prepared for you too! Let’s exchange them! Here you are.♪ Thank you.♪

Dear Chocolate: Thank you! I’m so happy... Um, I’m usually too shy to say it, but... I really love you too!



Friend Chocolate: Thank you for the chocolate, Master. I’m delighted! By the way, who will you be giving your Dear Chocolate to?

Dear Chocolate: You’ve given me something precious, Master. I’m so happy...! I have no words for these feelings, so may I embrace you?



Friend Chocolate: I’m glad that all of the cafe’s customers were pleased. Getting such a wonderful reward from Master-chan is the best!

Dear Chocolate: Master-chan, you’re awfully kind to be giving chocolate to an old man like me. Next year, find someone you really like instead.



Friend Chocolate: This chocolate is a symbol of friendship, isn’t it? I’m grateful to receive it, Master. In return, I’ll give you this wire puzzle. Please take some time to enjoy it.

Dear Chocolate: I’m honored to receive this show of your affection. I want to meet your expectations, so... please... help me do that.



Friend Chocolate: C’mere and look at this! It’s chocolate in a sake cup!* Gotcha! Ahaha...

Dear Chocolate: Thank you for the chocolate. You’re always giving me things, huh? To pay you back for this life, memories, and friends... I’ll do my very best!

*This is a pun. “Sake cup” is pronounced the same as “chocolate” here; both are ちょこ.



Friend Chocolate: Last year, the castle received more chocolate than we could eat. This year, giving gifts to me was banned. Still, I’ll accept it from you.

Dear Chocolate: I’ll accept the courage it took to give handmade chocolate to me. Which one... Oh, this tastes better than I’d expected. You put a lot of effort into these, didn’t you?



Friend Chocolate: Chocolate, hm... Actually, Austria ranked number one in handsome men, and the castle is already overflowing with chocolate...

Dear Chocolate: No matter how many gifts I’ve already received, yours feels special. In order to verify these feelings— should I study the philosophy of love?



Friend Chocolate: Ah... friend chocolate...!? Because... we’re friends. Thank you... Maybe I should give some to Mikhael...

Dear Chocolate: Hey, warn me before you give me something like this! I was prepared not to get anything... Nnn... I’m happy... thank you.

Misc. Characters


Dear Chocolate: Valentine’s chocolate... thank you. I’m... touched that you remembered me. It’s forbidden to exchange chocolates in the German army, but... I can still do it in secret. Heheh... kakinotane* chocolate is what I’d suggest.

*Kakinotane is a small, slightly spicy rice cracker snack.



Dear Chocolate: Yo! Thanks for the chocolate. Valentine’s Day isn’t too popular in the world of the yakuza, so your chocolate showing up was quite the commotion. Set your hopes high for White Day!



Dear Chocolate: To the little mutt whose name I don’t know, thank you for the tacky and cheap-looking handmade chocolate. It filled me with such lust and desire... next time, bring some rope as well, won’t you? I’ll bind you up and punish you so • very • well.



Dear Chocolate: You’re the one who sent me chocolate. I don’t trust anyone outside of my family, and I don’t like people who sneak around. Next time, give your name. If I know who you are, there would be no reason not to eat it. The red ribbon looked nice, at least.



Dear Chocolate: What’s this!? I was just thinking I’d give ya’ some chocolate too! And I see rii~ight through ya’, y’know?☆ We’re gonna be a couple now, right~~!? ...just kidding. Anyway, take care of my lil bro, pwetty pwease~!! (This letter was hidden on a shelf in his dorm room.)



Dear Chocolate: Dunno who sent it, but thanks for the present. But like, really? I don’t even like chocolate that much. Instead, I’d rather we sing, dance, and play it up ‘til we’re mad.☆ If you don’t join me, I’ll toss this shit out without having even a single bite~



Dear Chocolate: To the unnamed sender of this present, thank you for the chocolate. I was about to lose sight of my hope, but... you made me remember that love is the strongest force of all. I’ll hold your kind support deep in my heart.



Dear Chocolate: To you who went so far out of your way to send chocolates to Japan, I extend my greatest thanks. To speak of Valentine’s Day; “Mio Amore”. Having those words on your lips will bring happiness. I’ll send my thanks to you on White Day.