Musketeer Story: Arisaka

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Episode 1: Impossible Wish

—one day, after school. While (Player Name) was passing by the training grounds on their way to the library, they heard a familiar voice coming from somewhere nearby.


• That voice is... Murata?

• That voice is... Arisaka?

Although they could hear the voice, (Player Name) couldn’t see who was speaking. They looked around to see where it was coming from, and—

Murata: Up here, (Player Name), look up.

Murata: Hup!


• ......!

The two of them, apparently on top of the training grounds’ fence, dropped down together and landed in front of (Player Name).

Arisaka: ...sorry if we startled you. Arisaka apologizes.


• I didn’t expect you to be up there...

• What were you doing?

Murata: Today’s weather was clear, so we sat atop this wire mesh and took in the vast scenery. It was certainly a wonderful view.

Arisaka: Arisaka was... looking at people.


• Do you enjoy people-watching?

• Did you see anyone interesting?

Arisaka: ......if Arisaka has to comment, then yes.

Murata: Since Arisaka doesn’t speak often, this may come as a surprise— but he enjoys watching people like this, and talking to them.

Arisaka: ......


• (...that really is a surprise.)

• (He doesn’t seem to talk to anyone, though.)

Arisaka: seems unlikely, so Arisaka understands your surprise.

Murata: Now, now, it’s fine, isn’t it? A “gap”, as they say, is important.


• Do you want to talk more?

• Would you like to try talking to me?

Arisaka: ......

Murata: ...hmm.

Murata: ......Arisaka really is too kind.


• ......?

Before (Player Name) could understand what Murata meant, a few students approached them.

Student 1: U-Um...! You’re Arisaka-san... right?

Student 2: Nice to meet you. Since you’re here with (Player Name)-san, I worked up the courage to introduce myself.

Student 2: You’re always with Murata-san and all, so it’s a bit difficult to talk to you...

*Murata moves to stand in front of Arisaka*

Murata: Hm...? Well, now that’s unexpected. Are you saying that I’m a nuisance?

Student 2: N-No! Of course not! How do I put it... it feels like it would be wrong to disturb the unique atmosphere you two have, like you’re in a world of your own...

Student 2: But, um... Japan’s Arisaka rifle is famous here as well, so I wanted to at least try to talk to you...!

*Murata steps back*

Arisaka: ......

Student 1: Nice to meet you, Arisaka-san.

Student 2: I’m pleased to make your acquaintance!

Arisaka: ....ah,......

Arisaka opened his mouth for a moment, but in the end, nothing came out. With a slight bow and while not making eye contact, he left.

Student 1: Ah... Did, Did I say something wrong...?

Murata: ...I believe I shall take my leave as well. Goodbye for now, (Player Name) and their schoolmates.

Arisaka and Murata were soon out of sight.

Student 2: They left... I guess I bothered them, after all...

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