Musketeer Story: Charleville

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Episode 1: Noblesse Oblige

Charleville: Mademoiselle Charlotte’s nose is made of marzipan~ Her teeth are dipped in syrup~♪

Student 1: Hahh...

Charleville: Are you alright? You look awfully gloomy, right now.

Student 1: Ah...! N-No, it’s nothing... During training a bit ago, it was because of my mistake that my team members’ scores went down...

Student 1: If I hadn’t messed up back then... I keep thinking that... I’m so frustrated... That’s all...

Charleville: I see... Still, don’t blame yourself. You can take this flower.

Charleville: I’d picked it a bit ago, to use for decoration in the classroom. Here, please take it.

Student 1: This is a chamomile flower, right...?

Charleville: Mhmm. In the language of flowers, chamomile symbolizes the strength to overcome adversity. A flower that blooms through adversity is more precious and beautiful than any other.

Charleville: So it’s alright! You’ll grow stronger.

Student 1: Th-Thank you! I’ll do my best...!

Charleville: Of course!


• That was amazing.

• You know the language of flowers well.

Charleville: Ah, Master! Did you see all of that? I’m grateful for the praise, but I was just doing what should be done.

Charleville: Roger-sama taught me that. No matter the circumstance, those with nobility should always display proper conduct.

Charleville: Noblesse Oblige, as they say. Helping those in need is only right.

Charleville: By the way, Master, would you step out with me for a bit later?

*scene changes to outdoors*

Charleville: There are all kinds of beautiful lilies blooming at this time of year, see?


• Yeah, there are.

• How lovely.

Charleville: Depending on the color, their meaning is different. White lilies mean purity. Red ones mean honesty. Yellow ones mean pride in love.


Charleville: ...there were so many flowers in the Lilienfield family’s gardens.

Charleville: I memorized all of their meanings— both the ones in the flower beds and in the bouquets I received—, so I could be the perfect Musketeer that Roger-sama wanted.

*flashback ends*

Charleville: A lot of things happened, but... I was truly happy when Roger-sama finally recognized the effort I’d made.

Charleville: Hehe... it’s thanks to you and everyone else that I’m able to look back on the past so calmly. Thank you for helping me back then. ...truly, thank you.

Charleville: ...what do you think a “perfect Musketeer” is, Master?

Charleville: High-minded and noble conduct aside— I’ve thought about it myself, and I still feel like something is missing.

Charleville: I want to become the sort of Noble Muskeeter that my Master desires. When you think of what the “perfect Musketeer” is, please tell me.


• Be whatever you want to be.

• Don’t worry about perfection. Live freely.

Charleville: That’s... you’re saying it’s up to me to decide what I want.

Charleville: But, all I want to be is the Muskeeter that (Player Name) desires...

Charleville: I’m sorry, I know I’m just bothering you. Don’t worry about all of this, just now.

Charleville: I had a great time with you today. Thank you, (Player Name).

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