Musketeer Story: Cutlery

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Episode 1: Similar From Behind

One day at the military academy.

Kiseru: Hey, Jitte!

Jitte: Well, if it isn’t Kiseru-kun! Glad to see you again! When did you get here?

Kiseru: Just a bit ago. How is it over here? You doing well?

Jitte: Something like that. I’m giving it my all every day, so I don’t make trouble for everyone.

Jitte: ...oh! Professor Kyoudou had asked me to lend a hand over here.

Jitte: Sorry, I have to go for a bit. If you have time tonight, come to the rooftop for a drink... how about it?

Kiseru: Sounds great! I’ll look forward to it.

*scene changes to a hallway*

Kiseru: That’s...

Kiseru: Cutlery...?

Cutlery: ...ah, it’s nice to see you again, Kiseru.

Kiseru: ...oops.

Cutlery: —as if. Sorry, but I’m not the Resistance’s Cutlery!

Cutlery: I’m a Belgian Antique. Nice to meet you, Kiseru, oh highly esteemed smoking pipe-type bizarre gun of the Revolutionary War.

Kiseru: ...I see. I’m sorry if I offended you. You looked a lot like a dear old friend of mine from behind, that’s all.

Cutlery: ...huh...? No... it’s not like you offended me or anything.

Cutlery: I’m just sick of hearing about the Resistance’s bizarre gun, that’s all. You used to hang around with that Cutlery?

Kiseru: I did! Cutlery, Cane-san, and I, we used to—

Cutlery: So you were close to such hated people.

Kiseru: ...ah?

Cutlery: What’s with that blank look? Are you stupid or something? ...if you were their friend, you’d know. How “we” were hated.

Kiseru: ......

Cutlery: With us, a gun’s mechanisms were installed in tableware, so we wouldn’t be recognized as one at first glance— a concealed weapon.

Cutlery: It’s a cowardly weapon that you bring to the dinner table so you can send someone you hate straight to the afterlife. And on top of that, it was used by pirates and robbers on the seas.

Cutlery: So basically, we’re hated people used by hated people. You don’t normally want to keep a guy like that too close, right?

Kiseru: ......

Cutlery: But y’know, the Resistance’s Cutlery... he was really pathetic.

Cutlery: He was a hated person who wound up hailed a “hero” for fighting the life-or-death struggle that was the Revolutionary War. I’m not the one who everyone’s making a fuss over— I’m a different gun!

Cutlery: Thanks to that hero, a comfortable life fell into my hands with no effort at all... I should probably thank him. Haha!


Cutlery: Wh-What?

Kiseru takes one big step forward and closes the distance between himself and Cutlery. He slowly reached his hand toward Cutlery, who’d tensed in anticipation, and—

Cutlery: Uwah!?

He began to messily ruffle Cutlery’s hair.

Cutlery: Wai... what!? St— uwah, stop it..!

Kiseru: ...I love the Cutlery who’s my friend, of course. However... right now, I’m glad that I got to meet you too!!

Cutlery: Huh...? D-Did you hear me at all!? We’re hated...!

Kiseru: Yeah, I heard you. I heard you, and that’s why I said what I did, boy.

Cutlery: B-Boy!?

Kiseru: C’mon... oh, your guns are decorated differently. Well now, they’re gorgeous. Let me get a better look, Cutty-boy.

Cutlery: Cutty-bo... hey, you aren’t seriously calling me that!? I’ll shoot you if you make fun of me!

Kiseru: Hahaha! Some spirit you have. I like it!

Cutlery: A-Are you listening to me!?

Kiseru: ...ahh, what magnificent decoration. The one who made you was a fine artisan, no doubt.

Cutlery: Uu... ah...

Kiseru: This here... is an engraving of a woman. A real beauty. Looks like she’s straight outta heaven, huh?

Cutlery: ....nh!

Kiseru: Wait, now that I get a better look, is she a mermaid...? Hey, Cutty-boy. What’s this—

Cutlery: Shut up. ...if you say another word, I really will shoot you.

Kiseru: Hm...?

Cutlery snatched his guns back from Kiseru and ran. As he approached a turn in the corridor, he ran into (Player Name), who was walking around it at the same time.

Cutlery: Uwah!?


• Are you crying?

• Your hair is all messed up.

Cutlery: ...don’t look at me...!

Kiseru: Wait up, Cutty-boy! ...oh dear, did I make him hate me?

Kiseru: Heey, Cutty-boy! Next time we meet, let’s have a good chat!

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