Musketeer Story: George

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Episode 1: A Certain Conversation

George: Hey, Brown. What do you think Nobility is?

Brown Bess: That’s a stupid question. I’m a gun of the British Empire; Nobility is no more or less than chivalry. I can’t think of any other meaning.

Brown Bess: What does it mean to you?

George: For me... I want to help.

*scene changes from a black background to a castle*

Brown Bess: You want to help...? Help who?

George: People who are in trouble. Anyone who needs me.

Brown Bess: I see. ......helping the weak is a form of chivalry. That’s Nobility as you see it, then.

Brown Bess: However... in order to help the weak, you have to be strong. And that may mean destroying yourself...

Brown Bess: Are you prepared to become a sacrifice for the sake of helping others?

George: Am I prepared...? I think it’s different from how you describe “prepared”, but...

*scene changes back to a black background*

George: In the beginning, I didn’t exist yet. My reason for being here is to help others... or something like that.

Brown Bess: ......? What are you saying...?

George: So that’s what it means to me. I love you and everyone else, so I want to help!

*Brown Bess disappears*

George: ...? Huh?

George: Did someone just call for me...? Or for that matter... where is this place?

*Brown Bess reappears*

Brown Bess: I’m... If I’m talking to you like this, perhaps something’s changed.

George: Huh? Brown?

*scene changes to a classroom*

Jitte: ...kun. George-kun! C’mon, wake up~!

George: ...hah! A-A dream...!?

George: Jitte, and... Master? Where am I...?

Jitte: In the classroom. Class is already over.

George: Eh!? Wait, does that mean... I slept through it all!?


• You slept a lot, George.

• You looked quite comfortable.

Jitte: Fortunately, the instructor let it slide today, but they were astounded.

Jitte: You were muttering in your sleep quite a bit— were you talking to someone in your dream?

George: Yeah... Somehow... it feels like I was dreaming about something important.


• How so?

• What kind of dream?

George: Um... huh? Why? I can’t remember...!

Jitte: You can’t remember it? Heheh. How very like you, George.

Jitte: You look refreshed, so it was probably a good dream, don’t you think?

George: Eh? Do I? Yeah... I guess that’s true. Well, whatever. ☆

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