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Episode 1: The Meaning of Existence

—in the town outside the military academy.

Jitte: Hmmm... a notebook, shoes, and oil for maintenance... (Player Name)-kun, were you able to get most of what you needed?


• I got everything on the list.

• All good!

George: Still, we got a ton of stuff! Lots of gifts for everyone... ah! Isn’t this a lot to carry!?

Jitte: Haha, that’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

Jitte: We came along to help carry everything. If (Player Name) hadn’t bought a lot, there would have been no reason for us to be here.

George: That’s a good point! Alright, I’ll do my best to help out!

George: ...ghnnn~~~!!!

Jitte: ...reason, huh?


• Jitte?

• What’s up?

Jitte: Ah, it’s kind of what I’d said... Musketeers... or specifically, me... I’ve just been wondering why we exist, you know?

Jitte: George-kun and Marks-kun, who stayed home today, exist for your sake, (Player Name). They really are useful to you, but...

Jitte: Honestly, I’m of no use at all as a Noble Musketeer.

Jitte: It’s true that I was awakened as a Musketeer because I wanted to help you, but... since I haven’t been able to accomplish that...

Jitte: I wonder what the point of my existence in this world is... that’s what I wound up thinking about.

George: Jitte... you’ve been worried about that... It’s alright! You have us!

George: And anyway, you’re useful even without Absolute Nobility! For example, um... uh... ....there’s something, for sure!

Jitte: Ahaha... thank you, George-kun. But that’s really the root of my problem.

Jitte: I have to find the answer myself, at the same time that I feel like there’s no answer at all...

George: I see... I guess it won’t help if I think about it. Instead, I’ll be here cheering for you! Good luck, Jitte!

Jitte: Haha, thank you. I’m sorry for bringing up such a strange topic. Just forget about—

Jitte: —ah!

*Jitte runs off*

George: Hey, Jitte, what’s wrong!? Where are you going—!?


• Let’s follow him!

*scene changes*

Jitte: Caught you...!

Man: The hell are you doing!? Let go of me!

Jitte: Sir, that wallet you just put in your pocket... is it yours?

Man: Hahh? What are you trying to say? Of course it’s my wallet! Don’t accuse me of shit like that!

Jitte: Do you think it’s yours now that you stole it? You’re not fooling me. I saw you stealing this wallet with my own eyes!

Man: Ugh...!

Jitte: That pickpocketing skill... you’re pretty practiced. Today’s not the first time, is it?

Man: I-I just happened to pull it off...!

Jitte: Lying to me again! It’s time to face the consequences; don’t struggle!

Man: Damn it...!


• Jitte!

• Are you okay!?

Jitte: Ah, you two! I’m alright. As you can see, I happened to catch a pickpocket in the act.

George: That’s awesome, Jitte! Really impressive! But, this wallet... who does it belong to?

Jitte: It belonged to a well-dressed senior citizen, but... I wonder where he went. After I hand this guy over to the police, we can look for him...

Elderly Man: H-Hey there...! That wallet...!

Jitte: Ah, speak of the devil!

Elderly Man: You got my wallet back! Thank you, Thank you so much...!

Elderly Man: That wallet has my son’s wedding present inside. Thank you very much for getting it back...! How can I ever repay you?

Jitte: No, no need! I just did what was expected of me as an officer.1

Jitte: Your words of thanks are plenty! I hope your son can have a grand celebration with you!

Elderly Man: Oh my, what a kind person you are. I’ll leave it at that, then... but really, thank you!

*the elderly man leaves*

Jitte: Phew... that’s this case dealt with. Ah, (Player Name)-kun... my apologies for taking up your time.

George: ......

Jitte: G-George-kun? Are you upset...?

George: ...wasn’t that exactly it!? Right, (Player Name)!?

Jitte: Huh? What is...?

George: What we were talking about earlier, the existence thing!


• You’re quick to take action to help people.

• You’re reliable when it comes to protecting people.

Jitte: —I see. I guess I did protect that old man and his son’s happiness. the officers way back when...

Jitte: What I did was only natural for an officer, though. As a Musketeer... it’s different, in the end.

George: Huh, is it...?

Jitte: Hmmm...

George: Hmmm...


1The term Jitte uses here specifically means an Edo-period police officer.

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