Musketeer Story: Kentucky

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Episode 1: Master's Faithful Dog

Chassepot: .........

Tabatiere: Chassepot... are you okay? If your headache gets too bad, you should go to the sickbay...

Chassepot: Shut up. If you’re worried about me, stop talking. You know that’s the best medicine.

Kyoudou: Good morning. Is everyone here? Today, I’ll be introducing the three new members of the Musketeer Special Class.

Kyoudou: Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Springfield! Now, if each of you would say hello...

Kentucky: AH—! MASTER!!!

Kentucky: You’re our Master, aren’cha!? Could it be that ya’ came here to see us!?


• It is your first day, after all.

• I was curious.

Kentucky: ...ghhh!! Thank you for your consideration! I’m super moved!!

Kentucky: Seriously, you were a huge help back in America! Thanks super much for making me your Musketeer!!

Kentucky: Let’s get along from now ooon!!!

Springfield: ...nice to meet you all...

Pennsylvania: Haah... same from me.

Marks & Like Two: .........

Chassepot & Tabatiere: .........

Chassepot: What are you... shouting like that out of nowhere...! My head feels like it’s splitting open!!

Chassepot: How about you show a little consideration for the person suffering from a headache!?

Kentucky: Haah? Kinda self-important there. I greeted Master, that’s it. If you’ve got such a headache, shaddap and go to bed, mole-face!

Chassepot: Wh-What did you say!? I boast one of the highest performance levels among the Antique guns— how dare you speak to me like that...!?

Chassepot: This just proves how unpleasantly rustic you militia guns are. You’d be a terrible influence on (Player Name). Get out of our sights already!

Kentucky: What was that...!?

Tabatiere: C-Come on, now. Calm down, Chassepot!

Pennsylvania: Kentucky, you need to calm down too...!

Kentucky: Shaddap! Pipe down in the outfield! I’m talkin’ to him right now!

Kentucky: Hey, your name is Chassepot, right? You made fun of the militia, didn’t ya’? The Kentucky Regiment is my burning-hot soul!

Kentucky: You wanna duel here and now? In the name of the Kentucky Regiment, my sniping skills won’t back down. You wanna get a hole shot between your eyes? Huh!?

Chassepot: Hmph, do you really think I’ll be taken in by such a heavy-handed provocation? It’s hardly worth my effort.

Kentucky: Sayin’ that shit, you’re just scared of losin’ to me, huh? C’mon, c’mon! Come at me!

Tabatiere: Haah... If this gets going, there’ll be no stopping them...

Pennsylvania: Yeah...


• Cut it out, you two!

Chassepot: Master!? But he was...!

Kentucky: Yessir! I’ll apologize right away!!

Chassepot: ...!?

Kentucky: Since today’s my first day here, I thought I should greet Master and say thanks for everything they’ve done so far, but I wound up going overboard...

Kentucky: I was rude! So I’m sorry, seriously sorry!!

Chassepot: W-Well, if you’re going to apologize so thoroughly, I suppose I can forgive you...

Kentucky: Huh? What kinda weird idea are you getting? I ain’t apologizing to you, shitty mole-face.

Chassepot: What!? But you just...!

Kentucky: I apologized for gettin’ so angry in front of Master. I’m not forgivin’ you so easily!

Chassepot: You bastard...!!

Tabatiere: No good, huh...

Pennsylvania: Those two... are troublesome.

Springfield: .........

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