Musketeer Story: Lorenz

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Episode 1: Myself who is not Myself

*scene starts outside the school*

Lorenz: ......

Lorenz: ...hmm. Is this Philcrevery Military Academy?

Lorenz: Considering the era in which the school building was constructed, it’s likely that facilities were appropriated from the World Empire’s reign. Quite fascinating.

Lorenz: Do I want to survey and study the building materials? I could get a sample from the wall right—

*Enfield appears*

Enfield: Lo-Lorenz-san!? Whatever are you doing?

Lorenz: Ah, Mr. Enfield. I was thinking I’d take a small sample of this wall of the school building.

Enfield: Absolutely not! You may not scrape the walls! This is a public building, after all.

Lorenz: That is true...

Enfield: ...ah! Snider, stop right there! You won’t be getting out of your turn on duty again!

Snider: ...tch.

Enfield: Come on, I said to stop...! Lorenz-san, please excuse me. You may continue to explore, but please take care not to fall again.

*Enfield leaves*

Lorenz: Hahh...? “Fall” “again”, he said? Unsightly events such as falling are nearly unheard of for me, and yet...

*Chassepot and Tabatiere are talking a ways away*

Chassepot: Lorenz, were you hiding here?

Lorenz: What...? I would never do something like—

Chassepot: I mean, I can understand why your old-fashioned self would be too afraid to show yourself in front of someone as high-performance as me, but to spill water outside of someone’s room without even an apology?

Lorenz: Huh...?

Chassepot: Honestly, I’m almost impressed with your clumsiness. How could someone possibly trip and fall on a perfectly flat floor?

Tabatiere: Come on, now. It can’t be helped. He cleaned up the water afterward, so it’s fine, isn’t it?

Lorenz: (What were they talking about...? I didn’t spill any water outside of Mr. Chassepot’s room. And of course, I don’t remember cleaning any up.)

???: I-I’m sorry...! I’m terribly clumsy, you know... ggh.

Lorenz: ......!?

Lorenz: (Wh-What was that voice just now... It’s similar to mine, but I would never speak in such a pathetic manner!)

Chassepot: Hmph. Do try to be more careful next time, at least.

Tabatiere: Later, Lorenz. Watch your step and come back to the classroom, okay?

Lorenz: ......

Lorenz: ...something is off. Is this a dream...? Why do those two believe me to be some clumsy, fall-prone half-wit...?

Lorenz: Is this some kind of prank that they’re all in on...? ...hold on, Karl-sama would be willing to explain the truth, wouldn’t he...!?

*Karl appears*

Karl: Oh, if it isn’t Lorenz. What are you doing here?

Lorenz: Karl-sama!!

Karl: Your face is quite pale, you know. It’s like you’ve seen a ghost.

Lorenz: Y-Yes, that’s exactly how I feel... All of the Noble Musketeers I’ve run into have treated me like I’m not myself!

Karl: Oh...? My goodness, that’s odd. Do you think they might just be messing with you, perhaps?

Lorenz: Th-That’s exactly what I was thinking! Ahh, thank goodness... I’ve been hearing strange voices as well— I thought I’d truly gone mad!

Karl: ...anyway, was everyone alright?

Lorenz: Alright...? Y-Yes. As far as alright goes, well, I suppose it was...

Karl: How fortunate. It would have been a catastrophe if anyone had been there when the wood-chopping ax went flying, now wouldn’t it? Hahaha!

Lorenz: Ax...? Karl-sama, whatever are you talking about...?

Karl: Hm? As usual for your clumsiness, the ax slipped out of your hands while you were chopping wood, went flying, and lodged itself in the wall of the school building, didn’t it?

Lorenz: (N-No way...! Even Karl-sama...!?)

*scene changes to inside a school hallway*

Lorenz: (What’s going on...? It doesn’t seem like they’re joking... Someone has to recognize me as myself...!)

George: Oh, Lorenz!

Lorenz: (Mr. George! And Mr. Marks as well! We’ll see what they— wait, what’s this shadow...?)

???: Ah, hello... uwahh!

George: Are you alright, Lorenz!? Whoah... of all the things you coulda broke, it was a super expensive-looking vase~!

Marks: You... are you seriously this stupid? Can you even be on the battlefield like this?

???: Uu, I’m sorry...! But at least, I won’t fall down unless there’s a banana peel or something on the floor~!

Marks: Nope, I’m sure you tripped over nothing in the middle of training the other day.

George: Hahaha☆ You looked awfully silly that time!

Lorenz: Hey, who are you two talking to!? Who is this guy!?

Lorenz: What is this... Why won’t anyone notice “me”...!? That isn’t me, so who are you talking to!?

Lorenz: What is going ooooonnnn~~~!?

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