Musketeer Story: Marks

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Episode 1: Dust Piled up in His Chest

George: Around here’s where the Outragers keep appearing, right?

Marks: ...that’s right.

George: What’s up, Marks? You’re acting all gloomy. Don’t worry! With us and Master together, we’ll beat ‘em easy as pie!

Marks: That’s not what I’m worried about.

Marks: Rather, just Master and I would be fine. And yet, you’re still here...

George: C’mon, man~ Are you sulking because it’s not just the two of you?

Marks: ...of course I am. When I see you getting all close with Master, something jams in my chest.

George: Hahaha! You sure are devoted to Master.

*shot fired*

Marks: Master! Get behind me...!

George: Who’s there!? Show yourself!

Outragers: Kill... kill...

George: Bingo! There they are!

Marks: Alright, time to deal with this. George, don’t get in my way!

Outragers: .........!

Outragers: Disappear...

George: Marks! Normal attacks aren’t gonna work on these guys!

Marks: I know, but—


• Use Absolute Ruthlessness!

Marks: Master! I’m glad you’re relying on me, but if I use that power, you’ll...

George: Marks, this is a bad time to hesitate! I’ll heal Master’s scar, so just do it!

Marks: ......

George: —okay, if you won’t do it, then I will!

Marks:, I’m the one who’ll protect Master! I’ll defeat these guys!

Marks: Absolute Ruthlessness...!

Marks: Soul Gun!

Outragers: Guaaaah...!

Marks: There! You’re not hurt, are you, Master?

George: Marks!

Outragers: Oohhhhh...!!

George: They’re still going!

Marks: Ggh—! They’re persistent!



George: Master...! Is the scar hurting you!?

Marks: ...! That’s enough! Any more would strain Master’s body—


That doesn’t matter!

Focus on the enemy!

Marks: B-But—

*shots are fired, George gets in the way*

George: Master, look out! Ngh!

Marks: George!!

Marks: I’m sorry, Master.

Marks: I’ll deal with this quickly...! Soul Gun!

Outragers: Gyaaaaaa...!!

*the Outragers are defeated*

Marks: Master! George! Are you alright?


I’m alright...

You did well.

George: Huh? It doesn’t hurt. Ah, the gauntlet repelled everything!

George: Aaah, what a relief.

Marks: Now isn’t the time to act so carefree! Hurry up and heal Master!

George: I’d do that without you telling me.

George: Absolute Nobility—!

The light emitted from George rains down on the back of (Player Name)’s gauntlet, and the thorny, rose-like scar that had encroached toward their wrist slowly recedes.

Marks: ......

George: How’s that, Master?


Thank you.

I feel better already.

George: Great! If Master is okay, then I can be okay too!

Marks: ......

Marks: (...George’s Absolute Nobility healed Master’s scar. In comparison, all my Absolute Ruthelessness did was hurt them...)

Marks: (...I wanted to protect Master. ...and yet, all I did was...)

*scene changes to Master’s room*

—That night.

Marks: Master, it’s me. I’d like to talk to you for a bit. that alright?



Come in.

Marks: ...thank you.


What do you want to talk about?

Do you need advice?

Marks: During the battle today..., it’s...

Marks: ......

Marks: Master, from here on, I’ll fight without using Absolute Ruthlessness.



The scar can be healed with Absolute Nobility, though

Marks: Master... ...I don’t want to see you hurt, especially not when it’s my fault...


It’s not that painful.

If my pain can save someone, I don’t mind.

Marks: But—


I’m going to keep relying on you.

I need your power, Marks.

Marks: ...understood. If my power will be useful to you, then I’ll continue to give my all...

Marks: ...I’m sorry for bothering you in the middle of the night. That’s all I needed to say, so I’ll leave now. Good night.

*Marks leaves Master’s room*

Marks: Master... Even though they’re in pain, they’re still smiling and not blaming me at all.

Marks: Master is such a wonderful person. ...but they’re too kind.

Marks: I’m happy that they say they need my power, but I don’t want to hurt my Master.

Marks: I... I don’t know what to do...

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