Musketeer Story: Pennsylvania

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Episode 1: The Outcome of the Match

—One day at the military academy.

Kentucky: Heheh, how’s this!?

Springfield: That’s really impressive... You caught so much...

Kentucky: If you keep practicing and don’t give up, Springy, you could... ah, Master! Thanks for everything today!


• You got a good catch.

• Did you go hunting?

Kentucky: Yep, I did! But today’s not just about hunting... truth is, it’s a showdown with Pennsylvania!

Kentucky: We’d been thinking about making smoked meat, salted meat, that kinda stuff for rations to take on missions... And with a time limit of five hours, this was an all-out hunting match!

Kentucky: Ah, but winning ain’t about the number of catches, y’know? The difficulty of catching it, how rare it is, freshness... the victor’s decided by looking at all of those points, yep!

Springfield: It’s been five hours, but... Pennsylvania-san isn’t back yet, so we can’t decide the outcome yet...


• I wonder why that is.

• Could something have happened?

Kentucky: I don’t think you need to worry about that guy. He wouldn’t have any problems in a forest this size. If anything, he just caught somethin’ big enough to eat up a bunch of time.

Kentucky: But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost, y’know!? Look here at all of this magnificent prey! I’ve won this match for sure!

In order to see the results of the competition, (Player Name) decided to wait along with the two of them for Pennsylvania to return.

—30 minutes later.

Springfield: ...isn’t he taking a little too long...? Pennsylvania-san isn’t the kind of person to go against his word... something must have happened.

Kentucky: Yeah, nothing’s for certain in the forest... He coulda lost his footing somewhere or gotten attacked by a big animal he didn’t manage to kill in one shot...

Springfield: ...I wonder if there are grizzlies in this forest. If there are, even Pennsylvania-san would be...


• Grizzlies?

Kentucky: The brown bears they’ve got in North America! B-But there shouldn’t be any in England...

Kentucky: A-Anyway! I’ll go look for him! Master, you can stand by here with Springy—

???: —Awooooo!

Springfield: ...! That was...!


• A dog’s cry?

• Howling?

As (Player Name) and the others look around, the brush leading to the forest begins to rustle and shake.

Kentucky: ...Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania: ...hey, I’m back. Sorry for bein’ late.

Springfield: Pennsylvania-san! Thank goodness... I’m glad you’re alright...

Kentucky: You’re super late! And you don’t even have any big game to show for it, so what the hell were you do— wait, what’s that? That tail.

There’s a swaying tail peeking out of the low brush that Pennsylvania emerged from.

Pennsylvania: ...oh, this guy, huh? Well... I told him not to follow me, but he didn’t listen.

Pennsylvania chuckles. From behind him, the owner of the tail finally shows his face.

Springfield: A dog...? It’s quite big for a dog, and kind of wild-looking...?

Kentucky: Woah, seriously!? Isn’t that a wolf!?

Pennsylvania: Yeah, he’s a wolf.

Springfield: I don’t think you should say that so easily...

While the three of them stand there, shocked, several more wolves emerge from the brush behind the still-relaxed Pennsylvania.


• It’s not just one!

• There are more!?

Pennsylvania: Well, of course. Wolves travel in packs, after all.

Kentucky: How are you so calm right now!? And why’d you bring a bunch of wolves back where you were supposed to be hunting, anyway!?

Pennsylvania: I found this guy injured while I was hunting.

Pennsylvania: After giving him first aid and sharing some of what I’d caught, it seems that he’s recognized me as a friend.

Pennsylvania: I told them I had to go home since it was time for us to meet up, but the whole pack ended up following me here. They’ve been warned not to hurt anyone, so it should be fine, I think.

Springfield: That’s good... I suppose...?

Kentucky: Well, if they’re safe, then I guess...? Wolves are pretty smart.

Russell: You all! What are you doing out here?

Kyoudou: Are those wild dogs? Or are they strays? Their faces are awfully imposing, though...

Pennsylvania: They’re wolves, not dogs.

Russell: W-Wolves!? Don’t tell me, you brought them here from the nearby zoo...!

Russell: You cannot keep wolves in a military academy! Return them to where they belong immediately!

Pennsylvania: Even if you say that... I met them in the forest, and they all just followed along after me.

Russell: Th-The forest...!?

Kyoudou: That can’t be...!

Kentucky: Why? Is it weird that there’s wolves in a forest?

Kyoudou: England, wild wolves are supposed to have already gone extinct. If some have survived...!


• It would be a major discovery!?

• We have to report it to the proper authorities!

Russell: Yes, (Player Name), you’re correct. This is becoming a serious matter...!

Russell: I’ll go and contact the World Federation of Wildlife Conversation. This could be a valuable discovery!

Pennsylvania: ...this has sure wound up serious.

Pennsylvania: Aah, that reminds me... Kentucky. On the matter of our competition, I only brought back a handful of catches.

Pennsylvania: I shared what I already had with the wolves, and I didn’t want to use my gun around them.

Kentucky: Then... I’m the winner of this round! Whatever the reasons, I still won! Men aren’t allowed to go back on their word!

Pennsylvania: ...yeah. You won, Kentucky.

Kentucky: Hell yeah~~~!!!

*scene changes to a hallway*

—Several days later.

Russell: Pennsylvania-kun! And (Player Name)-kun as well, how perfect.

Russell: A little while ago, Pennsylvania-kun received a letter of acknowledgment from the World Federation of Wildlife Conversation.

Russell: After all, those wolves were thought to certainly be extinct here in England. It’s quite an achievement for Pennsylvania-kun to have aided in their finding and protection!

Pennsylvania: that so? I’ll go and receive the letter, then.


• That easily, huh?

• Aren’t you happy?

Pennsylvania: Mm... it’s nothing to make a fuss about.

Student 1: Hey, did you hear? Pennsylvania-san, the Noble Musketeer, found a bunch of wolves that were supposed to be extinct!

Student 2: The wolves are super friendly too. Some of them came to play on the grounds again today.

Student 3: He told me he’s even been hunting together with them in the forest lately! Pennsylvania-san is really amazing.

Springfield: Everyone’s talking about Pennsylvania-san and the wolves, huh...

Kentucky: Damn it!!! Even though I won the hunting match...! That guy always steals the show, in the end!

Kentucky: I won’t forget this, Pennsylvania—!!!

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