Musketeer Story: Snider

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Episode 1: Dangerous Man

Russell: Hello there, (Player Name)-kun. Are you headed to the cafeteria? Today’s menu is—

Just then, gunshots rang out from within the school.

Russell: Wh-What was that!? It came from that way! Let’s go, (Player Name)-kun!


• Yes, sir!

*scene changes*

Charleville: A-Ah... Oh, goodness...!


• Are you alright!?

• What’s going on!?

Charleville: Ah, (Player Name)! It’s...

Snider: Watch your step. Don’t need to “add insult to injury” here.

Looking down, you see the DG36, Siegblut, on the floor.

Charleville: Snider shot him just a second ago! That’s why he’s gone back to just his gun.

Russell: Wha... you say he shot an ally? Snider, why did you...!?

Snider: ...that huge thing was blocking the entrance to the classroom.

Snider: Since it seems you’re all about “peaceful resolution” here, though, know that I warned him. I said, “move”.

Snider: But instead of stepping aside, that huge thing defied me.

Snider: No matter who it is, I won’t allow anyone to get in my way. Moreover, he trampled on my attempt at compromise; it’s only right that he got shot.


• That’s not right!

• Even so, you shouldn’t shoot

Snider: Don’t be ridiculous. Do you feel sorry for that huge thing?

Snider: If you do, there’s something wrong with how you think. A stupid ally is far more troublesome than a competent enemy.

Snider: I told you from the start that you don’t need any Musketeers other than me. I’m capable of using both Absolute Nobility and Ruthlessness, after all.

Russell: R-Regardless! It’s a violation of school rules to fire a gun without permission!

Russell: Normally, I’d wait for Deputy General Kyoudou’s judgment on the matter, but... this incident is far too serious. Snider, go to the punishment cell. I’ll hold onto your gun.

Russell goes to confiscate Snider’s gun. As he reaches for it—

*Snider hits Russell*

Snider: Don’t touch it.

Russell: Gghh...

The moment Russell tries to touch his gun, Snider hits him with the stock, and Russell is knocked to the floor.

Charleville: Waah! Again...!

Snider: I’m not going to yield to your rules. I became a Musketeer so I could show my strength once again on the battlefields of this day and age.

Snider: For that, it wouldn’t make any sense to take my gun away. Don’t you agree?

Snider: I won’t tolerate anyone who gets in my way. My Master should also keep that in mind.

*Snider leaves*

Charleville: H-He left...

Charleville: (Player Name), Snider is really a dangerous person— or rather, a dangerous Musketeer...

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