Musketeer Story: Tabatiere

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Episode 1: Real Self

*scene starts in the hallway*

Chassepot: Haah... why do I have to make a knapsack, of all things, and hand-sewn at that?

Chassepot: Not only can you buy things like this just as easily— what’s the point in a Musketeer learning to sew, if not just to make us suffer?

Tabatiere: Come on, don’t say that. As a soldier, you should be able to do light mending on uniforms, reattach buttons, and things of that level of needlework, right?

Tabatiere: It’s not like you can carry a sewing machine with you on missions, you know. And besides, that skill might come in handy for (Player Name)-chan too.

Chassepot: Useful to Master...?

Tabatiere: Yep. I mean, Kentucky’s giving homemade gifts to (Player Name)-chan, right? Shouldn’t someone of your skill be able to do the same?

Chassepot: Hmph. But of course. I’m sure I’ll make something far more refined and wonderful than he ever could to gift to (Player Name).

Chassepot: If I think of this as practice... such a class doesn’t seem to be entirely useless.

Tabatiere: ...oh, and here they come now. Hey there, (Player Name)-chan.


• You two seem excited.

• What are you talking about?

Chassepot: Just a little chat about class. Are you on your way to the transfer room, perhaps?

Chassepot: Hey, if it’s alright with you, could we have lunch together today? The cafeteria would be good, but we could also sit out in the courtyard and view the flowers—

*Kyoudou appears*

Kyoudou: (Player Name)-kun!

Kyoudou: I finally found you. My apologies, but an urgent mission has come up. I need you to take your Musketeers and head to the site at once.


• Understood.

• Which Musketeers would be best?

(CHOICE 1) Kyoudou: Thank you. It’ll be a huge help. Chassepot, Tabatiere, would you two mind going along?

(CHOICE 2) Kyoudou: Let’s see... Chassepot, Tabatiere, would you two mind being the chosen ones this time?

Chassepot: Ah, but of course. I’ll get ready right away.

Tabatiere: ......

Chassepot: Oi, Tabatiere. Why do you look so dazed?

Tabatiere: No, it’s just... it doesn’t really matter if I come along... I can’t use Absolute Nobility, so even if something happens, I’d only be good as a shield, y’know?

Tabatiere: If you’re wanting someone strong, you should ask one of the other Musketeers. That goes for you too, (Player Name)-chan.

Tabatiere: ...later, Chassepot, (Player Name)-chan. Take care.

*Tabatiere leaves*

Chassepot: Wha...?

Chassepot: Tabatiere...! Does he not have any pride as a Noble Musketeer? Giving up on the mission without even putting in the effort to awaken Absolute Nobility!

Chassepot: Hmph! He doesn’t want to shame himself by being useless on the battlefield, I suppose. After all, he’s just a second-rate gun.

Chassepot: Professor Kyoudou, which other Musketeers are likely to come along?

Kyoudou: Hmm... I suppose I could get in touch with Marks or Like Two.

*scene changes to a ballroom*

It’s been a while since that incident... At the military academy, a welcome party, organized by student volunteers from France, is held for the French Musketeers.

Student 1: Dear Musketeers, welcome to Philcrevert Military Academy! Cheers!

Everyone: Cheers!!

Charleville: It’s really impressive that the students managed to organize such a magnificent party. Such a warm welcome is a bit embarrassing, but it’s good to know that we’ve been accepted.

Gras: Now... I think I’ll go enjoy the chirping of some lovely little birds.

Chassepot: Hey, Gras. Don’t you dare do anything that would bring shame to France.

Gras: Ha! There’s no shame in anything I’ve done. It’s nothing to concern yourself with, Chassepot.

Tabatiere: Guess I’ll just grab a bite to eat.

Student 1: Um...! Would it be alright if I went with you?

Tabatiere: Sure... that’s the point of all this, so there’s no need to be so formal. Right, Chassepot?

Chassepot: Of course. We’re grateful to you for holding such a wonderful get-together, you know. This is the perfect chance to become better acquainted.

Student 2: If you don’t mind, would you please tell us about your life at the military academy so far? What classes you take, who you get along well with, and so on.

Gras: Let’s see... myself, I have far more interest in a lovely and hard-working little thing like you than I do in my fellow Musketeers.

Student 3: I’ve heard that you like sweets, Charleville! I enjoy them as well, so I would like to exchange information with you about the best shops near the academy!

Charleville: I see! I’m sure you know much more than I do, so I’d be delighted if you give me some recommendations.

While the students and Musketeers were having their friendly conversations, Tabatiere was trying to quietly slip away from the group.

Tabatiere: ......


• Where are you going, Tabatiere?

• Is something wrong?

Tabatiere: ...(Player Name)-chan. Sorry, but I’m gonna step out for a bit. I just remembered a little thing I have to take care of.

Chassepot: Huh...? Wouldn’t it have been better to deal with that sort of thing before now?

Tabatiere: Ahh, it’s my bad, really. It just slipped my mind.

Chassepot: Hurry back, at least.

Tabatiere: Yep, understood.

*Tabatiere leaves*

—30 minutes later.

Chassepot: Huh...? Hey, (Player Name). It looks like Tabatiere still isn’t here...


• He hasn’t returned yet.

• I wonder if something happened.

Chassepot: Goodness sake, where did he wander off to now...!?

Chassepot: Aah, don’t worry about it, (Player Name). I’ll go find him and bring him back.


• You need to stay here, Chassepot.

• I’ll go look for him.

Chassepot: That’s... I wouldn’t want to trouble you. If it’s only for five minutes or so, surely I can step out—

Charleville: Hey, Chassepot. Come over here. Everyone wants to talk to you; don’t keep us waiting!

Student 1: Yes, please join in!

Student 2: There are so many things I want to discuss with you two— your adventures, the power of Absolute Nobility and Absolute Ruthlessness, and more beyond that!

(Player Name) waved at Chassepot, who was now surrounded by the students, and left the venue to look for Tabatiere.

*scene changes to a hallway*

After searching the Musketeer-class classrooms and the hallways on each floor, there’s no sign of Tabatiere.

*scene changes to outside the school*

After exiting the school building, (Player Name) checks the rear garden, and...

Tabatiere: Ah, (Player Name)-chan. Don’t tell me, you were looking for me? Sorry about that.


• What are you doing here?

• Is your errand done?

Tabatiere: Well... my stomach was hurting a bit, but it’s alright now. Shall we go back inside now?

Tabatiere started walking, but just then, (Player Name) noticed a faint scent clinging to him.


• ...tobacco?

Tabatiere: Oops... busted, huh? That’s my Master, for you. Guess I can’t fool you, (Player Name)-chan.

Tabatiere: ......

Tabatiere: tell you the truth, I’m not great with that kind of atmosphere. Those three are just fine handling the leading roles, so I took a quick breather out here.

Tabatiere: Ahh, I mean, I’m fine with parties, dinners, and the like if I don’t have to do much, but when I’m in the spotlight, everyone stares at me with such sparkling eyes.

Tabatiere: See, with my gun’s history, I’m not suited for active work on the front lines. A support role on the sidelines is what I’m suited for, yeah? It’s not in my nature to take the lead.

Tabatiere: But because the Tabatiere gun played an active role in the Revolutionary Wars, France treats me like some kind of hero, y’know?

Tabatiere: I’m sorry that I wound up disappointing you, and I know my behavior back there was pretty bad, but...

Tabatiere: For me, the name of Tabatiere from the Revolutionary Wars is a heavy thing, and I’m tired of it.

Tabatiere: ...Dreyse is incredible. I seriously respect the Resistance’s Dreyse, and I’m doing my best to catch up to him.

Tabatiere: The fact is, as a special commander in the German branch, he’s in a fantastic role, leading a ton of soldiers.

Tabatiere: And I... just can’t be like that. I can’t use Absolute Nobility either, so the best I can do is be a meat shield.

Tabatiere: Hahh... Sorry for being so pathetic, (Player Name)-chan.

Tabatiere: A lot happened back in France. I thought I’d finally do something about all of this, and yet... since we came to England, I’ve wound up pretty discouraged.

Tabatiere: But... this is just who I am. Sorry to disappoint you, (Player Name)-chan.

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