Episode 1: “The spy saw it! ~The glamorous boy~"

Haahhh~ I’m good and worn out. As expected, working 20 days with no break is a little tough.

But still, I did it~! It’s awfully fulfilling to kill off a bunch of ‘em and clean up the trash. What a relief.

The World Empire’s the best, after all. I can buy as many cute, beautiful things as I want, and eat all the delicious food I want, too.

It’s totally different than that poor, miserable, unsightly Resistance. I’m really glad that it was Papa that summoned me.

…haahh. Now, if only my big brother could get his act together, I’d have nothing to complain about.

How many times did he jam today, again? If it wasn’t for all of that, we could have gone home way faster.

Well… I guess it can’t be helped, with that piece-of-junk big brother. If he can’t stop being so useless, we can just send him back to the factory.

But more importantly, I wonder what I should do on my day off tomorrow.

Do I wanna go to the usual boutique? Or do I wanna take an expedition to that new shop that caught my eye?

…ah, I know. That designer got in touch with me earlier.

The athleticwear I had custom-made a while ago turned out super cute… alright! Tomorrow, I’ll do some soldier-like muscle training.

Wearing cute clothes always gets my mood up. Now, what should I work on tomorrow?

Hamstrings, like usual? Or maybe my latissimus dorsi? But it might be a good balance to work on my abdominals too.

Aaaah, I want to do everything! In that case…

I’ve decided! Tomorrow’s a full course! Let’s go—!!

Episode 2: “The spy saw it! ~More manly than anyone~”

Like2: Tch… Haahh, unbelievable. Working days on end is whatever, but this kind of place is just plain unacceptable.

Like2: It’s humid, there are bugs everywhere, and I can’t take a bath… it’s the worst…

Like2: …and? I’d heard there was a bandit hideout around here, but where is it?

Soldier: Er, according to the advance party, the cave system about a hundred meters ahead of us looks suspicious.

Like2: Hmm… Then let’s go over there, deal with this, and go home.

Soldier: Y-Yes!

Like2: …ah, stop.


Soldier: E-Eeek! I’m so very sorry! I’ll find the hideout and deal with it right away, so please, don’t kill meeee!

Soldier: Uwaaaaaahh!!

Soldier: …...huh?

Like2: I’m not aiming at you, so quit your bawling. See, look closely.

Like2: Those guys in the bush over there are the bandits we’re looking for, aren’t they? And not noticing a gun pointed at you; are you seriously a soldier?

Like2: If you’re so listless you don’t even notice the guys pouring off bloodlust, we’re never going to finish this mission. Idiot.

Soldier: Huh? Ah…! My apologies…!

Soldier: Like2-san, he looks so cute, and yet… He’s so manly…

Episode 3: “The spy saw it! ~Reliable big brother~”

Like2: Once these guys get packed into the truck, our job for today is over, huh? Onii-chan, let’s get this done quick.

Love1: Okaaaaayyy~! ★ Lai-tan and I’s super-hot combo~~Let’s party! Wooo~!

Like2: Knock it off, Onii-chan. If you get excited like that, you’ll…

Love1: Wahoo! Hey, hey, hey!! Am I gonna jam at a time like this!?

Like2: For fuck’s sake, Onii-chan… Get down behind me already! …and you, trash! Don’t you fucking run!


Resistance: Uwaaahhh! My leg!

Like2: Alright, Onii-chan, let me see your gun! Hmmm……?

Like2: …ah, if it’s just this, we won’t need to send you back to the factory yet. See, fixed in five seconds.

Resistance: Now! Run away!

Like2: …tch. Didn’t I say to stop trying to run away, you fucking trash!?


Resistance: Gyaaaaah!!

Love1: Wow, wow! That’s my Lai-tan~ ★ Now~ we can catch ‘em all, no problem~!

Like2: Would. You. Stop. That!? Quit getting yourself worked up!

Like2: Haahh… I’m kinda worn out…

Love1: Woo——! You were super cool today as well, Lai-tan!

Like2: Onii-chan, knock it off. …see, you’re getting a nosebleed again. I’ll wipe it up for you, so stay still.

Love1: Oh! And there are the tissues just for me!

Like2: Shut up. I’ll shoot you.

Love1: Ooooh~~~! Tsundere~!

Like2: Shut the fuck up…