Event Story

2021 Events

Daybreak Conflict

Black XX Christmas

"Beautiful girls are having a gunfight at my school!"

2022 Events

Burning Moonlit Pasodoble

Arisaka, Mistletoe, and First Friends

Woof-Meow Musketeer Tale

Give an Apricot Kiss

Fight! Philcrevert Quiz King Playoffs~ Who will be the strongest Musketeer!?

Door to Future Bonds

Labyrinth of Warped Obsession

Blue-Summer Sunset Beach

Scream! Seven Mysteries of the Military Academy

Summer! Meat! Red-hot BBQ Tournament

Dolly — The Cursed Doll

Musketeers, Witches, and Blood Rituals

Snow, Moon, and Flowers Admired Abroad

Brave Musketeers Day: Night

Brave Musketeers Day: Rise

Sparkling★Xmas’s Mega Date Plan!?

2023 Events

—Choose a style! Musketeer Ranking Check

Eternal Labyrinth Loop (Puzzle Ring)

Brother Trade Cafe

Brand New Journey ~Italy Expedition Volume~

The Moon, the Sun, and the Knight’s Rose

Beneath the Cherry Blossom Tree.

Miracle☆Magic “I’m You, You’re Me~”

Kiss Your Past Goodbye

Hydrangea Sparkling After the Rain

Our Super Summer Splash!!

Phantom Swaying in the Water “Alter Ego”

Star Brothers, Guided by the Muse “Autumn Fest”

Vampire’s Nightmare

Brave Musketeers’ Dream! -LOVE-

Brave Musketeers’ Dream! -HOPE-

Christmas and Pandora’s Box

2024 Events

Happy New Year! Fortune’s Temple

Philcrevert’s Sweet Day Off