Musketeer Story: Herme

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Episode 1: Champagne Trap

Siegblut: Hey, you. Have a look over there.

Master: What fancy-looking champagne…!

Jitte: Champagne…? Oh, is that a kind of alcohol?

Herme: Precisely. “Champagne,” as it’s called, is a specialty of the Champagne region of France, bearing the same name. It’s a first-class variety of sparkling wine.

Herme: Only that manufactured in the Champagne region through a particular method of production can call itself such. It’s quite a rare product. Isn’t that impressive, Sieg? Who brought it?

Siegblut: I got it from that Kyoudou guy. It was a congratulation for the successful completion of our latest mission.

Siegblut: I’d normally rather drink alone, but… well… you all are here from the mission ‘n all.

Siegblut: I’ll let you guys have a drink too, but first, let’s get the lid off that bottle.

Ghost: …perhaps… do you not know how to open a lid like that?

Siegblut: …of fuckin’ course I do.

Ghost: …hm… I think you really don’t know.

Siegblut: You… did I just hear the defective product try to look down on me!? Do you even know how!?

Ghost: …hmm, maybe. I’ve never drunk it before, so I don’t know.

Siegblut: Huh, seriously? With a self-important look like that on your face, you’re tellin’ me you don’t!?

Ghost: …you really don’t know how to open it, do you…?

Herme: Alright, that’s enough out of both of you. This is meant to be a celebration, so let’s drink on good terms.

Herme: We can’t act like this in front of Master, now can we? Now, pass the bottle to me. I’ll open it for us.

Siegblut: …heh. Just say that from the start. And anyway, what kinda weird lid is this?

Herme: This is cork. It’s highly flexible, keeps out both air and liquids, and prevents spoilage, so it’s used as a stopper for wine and champagne.


• You know a lot.

• You’re like a walking dictionary.

Herme: It’s merely information. This is my first time opening such a lid as well, so we’ll see how smoothly it goes…

Herme: Now, we remove the metal piece, cover it with a handkerchief, get a good grip on the cork, and… rotate the bottle.

Herme: …oh. It’s not opening. How strange.

Ghost: Wouldn’t it take a lot of force to pull out a cork…?

Herme: I see. Let me try to loosen it a bit… ah.

The cork suddenly pops out of the bottle in Herme’s hand—

Ghost: It opened!

Siegblut: Woah!?

Ghost: Ah… it hit him right in the nose…!


• That looks painful…

• Are you okay!?

Siegblut: It’s foaming…! Herme, you bastard…!

Herme: Heh… that was a surprise.

Herme: Quite a lot of foam comes out of a bottle of champagne, hm? And I certainly didn’t expect the cork to come flying out like that.

Herme: Indeed, knowledge and implementation are two different things. I’ll have to practice more.

Siegblut: Don’t just analyze it so calmly… Damn it, I’m gonna have to change clothes later.

Ghost: …….you were cursed.

Jitte: For Herme-kun to make such a mistake… somehow, it feels like we’re getting familiar.


• It was pretty surprising.

• So he has moments like this too.

Herme: What do you mean?

Jitte: How do I put it… you’re always so perfect, Herme-kun. It feels like you don’t have a single flaw, so a moment like this makes you seem a lot more human.

Jitte: To a guy like me, that’s kind of reassuring.

Herme: Human…? Me…? I’d prefer if you don’t say such odd things.

Jitte: Eh…?

Herme: I’m a Musketeer. A gun. For me to be human is unthinkable.

*Herme leaves*

Siegblut: Hey, Herme! Are you not gonna drink anything?

Jitte: D-Did I offend him…?

Ghost: ……..

Episode 2: Fit

Herme: Today’s class became a rather enriching debate. Your opinions were quite engaging.

Student 1: Thank you very much. Thanks to your support, Herme-san, we were able to make our statements with confidence.

Herme: I only did what was expected of me. It’s my duty to ensure that everyone can perform to perfection.

Student 1: As expected of an active-duty German Musketeer!

Student 2: You’re so refined, and treat everyone well.

Student 3: You always seem to be around the German branch, but do you have any hobbies? Or a favorite food?

Student 1: Um, it appears that there’s a new shop opening in town, so if you’d be alright with it, on our next day off—

Herme: I’m grateful for the invitation, but I’ve already decided to spend my day off pursuing some reading. My next class is starting shortly, so do excuse me.

Herme: You all should also focus your attention on your schoolwork. You’re our future military officers, correct?

Student 2: Y-Yes! We’ll be going, then!

*the students leave*

Herme: …hm. Ah, how troublesome. Truly tedious.

Herme: Master is fine, but… the ones here are much too familiar with me, and have entirely the wrong idea about the humanity of a Musketeer.

*Herme goes outside*

Herme: …hm…

Dreyse: Herme. I thought you’d be here.

Herme: …Dreyse.

Dreyse: I think you’re about to reach your limit.

Dreyse: Don’t push yourself too hard. How does returning to the German branch for a bit sound? I’ll start thinking about what we need to do.

Herme: There’s no way I can do that. If I unexpectedly go back, my younger brothers will suspect something…

Dreyse: But if you keep going like this…


• What’s going on?

• Are you alright?

Dreyse: Master…!

Herme: Al… Alright… I’ll go back… soon…

Dreyse: Herme!

Herme: …heh… …after all, it’s disgusting. I can’t take this…!

Herme: How I envy that stone by the roadside…! I… I want to return to iron…

Dreyse: Master, unfortunately, Herme is now broken. This far gone, the chances of him recovering are…!


• Huh?

• …!?

Dreyse: Is there anywhere nearby where Herme can be alone?

Master: What about the dorm room?

Dreyse: The dorms won’t do. Other people can see him there.

Dreyse: It has to be a place where he’s truly alone.

Master: Would the punishment cell work…?

Dreyse: Punishment cell? I see…

Herme: Ah… This is my limit…

Dreyse: Master, please return to the classroom and leave the rest to me. Please tell anyone there that Herme suddenly fell ill.


• I understand, but…

• Will he be okay?

Dreyse: I have it under control for now. Please, do what I asked…!

Episode 3: XX Day

George: Hey, (Player Name), have you seen Herme anywhere? He hasn’t been around since last night.


• That so…?

• I haven’t seen him today.

George: That’s not good! Tomorrow’s test is serious business! If you fail it, I’ve heard you’ll be on curfew for a month!

George: I thought I was gonna have Herme help me study, but I’m gonna run out of time at this rate~! If ya see him, please tell me!

*George leaves*


• Could it be…

• Is he still in the punishment cell?

*At the punishment cell*

Dreyse: Master…! What are you doing here? Do you have some business?


• Same to you, Dreyse.

• Why are you here too?

Dreyse: That’s, well… My business here is secret, you could say…

Master: …Excuse me, please.

Dreyse: W-Wait! If you go in there—!!

Upon peering into the dim, dark punishment cell—

Herme: ......uuh.

Herme lies sprawled on the punishment cell’s shabby bed. He looks completely unkempt, with his hair a mess. —On top of that, he’s totally naked.

At this unexpected sight, (Player Name) reflexively closes the door.

Dreyse: …I warned you about going in there.

Dreyse: Actually, I should explain what you’ve just seen. Close your eyes, Master. I’ll handle this.

As Dreyse opens the door again, Herme’s listless voice can be heard.

Herme: Wh… What…? So loud…

Dreyse: …Hah. At least cover up your lower half.

Herme: I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to think… Right now, all I am is iron…

Dreyse: Fine, I’ll do it, just stay still. There, that’s better. Master, you can come in now— Herme, wake up already.

Dreyse puts a nearby shirt over Herme, who slowly began to stir.


• What’s going on…?

• What is he doing?

Herme: Aah… Master. My apologies.. this must be quite jarring.

Herme: I… how should I say, there are all kinds of breaking points… Like this… If I don’t return to iron every so often, it won’t be good…


• Iron…?

• Could it be, “Iron Day”?

Dreyse: …you remembered? I’d jumped the gun the last time we talked, but—

Dreyse: This time is truly one of his, “Iron Days”. Herme has them for a couple of days each month, so we prepare.

Dreyse: Normally, Herme conducts himself flawlessly, doesn’t he? And yet, he distinctly only thinks of himself as a gun.

Dreyse: While in the form of a human, there are many moments where one will be treated as such… The rest it takes to recuperate from the damage that causes is known as “Iron Days”.

Dreyse: Not washing his face, not combing his hair or preparing clothes… sometimes not even putting on underwear, he throws away his act of being human and spends all day listlessly lying around like this.

Herme: Uuh… Mmnn…

Dreyse: With Herme himself saying that his form has become nothing more than a “lump of iron”, these days became known as “Iron Days”.

Dreyse: It’s a codeword, so to speak. Seeing Herme in such a state would influence the troops’ morale, so this is a top-secret matter.


• I see…

• Do you always look after him?

Dreyse: Yes. After all, this secret can never get out to Herme’s brothers, or anyone in the military academy.

Dreyse: I’m grateful to you for telling me about this cell, Master. And I’d appreciate it if you’d keep this matter confidential.

Herme: Ah—, I’m hungry…

Herme: …oh well. …food is too much trouble…

Dreyse: …as you can see, sometimes he doesn’t even bother to eat properly.

Master: Does this happen in Germany too…?

Herme: Nn… I wonder what would happen if it did… Aah, whatever. Thinking is too much effort…


• I understand.

• My lips are sealed.

Herme: …thank you. Next time I see you, I’ll be myself again, alright?

Episode 4: Divided Wall

Dispatch Officer: The Outragers keep cropping up! Get to the site, ASAP!

Outrager: …kill… …kill….!

Herme: Heheh. Destroy… you hear that, Dreyse?

Herme: However, I’m afraid you’re the ones who will be destroyed… don’t you have any response to that?

Dreyse: Don’t say unnecessary things. All we have to do is exterminate the enemy.

Herme: Jawohl.1

Dreyse: Let’s go.

Herme: Preparations complete. …now, let’s begin. Keine Kompromiss!2

*after the battle*


• Good work today.

• Thank you.

Dreyse: As Noble Musketeers, this kind of work is what we’re meant for.

Herme: Ah, what we’re meant for—? That’s just what I expect from you, Dreyse.

Herme: If my younger brothers were to have that diligence, I wouldn’t have such a difficult time training them.

Master: You really treasure your brothers, Herme.

Herme: Treasure, you say…? Well, I’d say… as the eldest, I simply have to supervise them.

Herme: On another note… This time, the mission to subdue the Outragers was in the vicinity of Berlin. Our familiarity with the terrain was of great use.

Dreyse: Yes, we were able to turn the situation in our favor. I’m thankful that an earlier respite in the area prepared me for this.


• Berlin…

• Speaking of which…

Herme: What’s the matter? You suddenly look quite nervous.

Master: Isn’t the site of the Berlin Wall nearby?

Herme: …ah, (Player Name), have you not seen it before? Shall we go?

Dreyse: Yes… When it comes to history, seeing the actual location is beneficial. It would do a military cadet good to witness it.

Herme: Then, let’s go. This way.

*scene changes*

Herme: Have you learned about the Berlin Wall in class yet?


• In history class, to some degree.

• Just the basics…

Herme: Well then, let’s review a bit. You may have heard this before, but—

Herme: Although Berlin is now one united city, it was once divided into its East and West parts.

Dreyse: The Berlin Wall was established during that time as a symbol of division.

Herme: It’s a cruel piece of history, from a human standpoint. In just one night, family and friends were torn apart by that wall.

Dreyse: The end of World War III came along with the reunification of Germany, and the wall collapsed because of it.

Herme: During the collapse, countless things happened— both to people and to guns.

Herme: Humans are beings that I struggle to comprehend. Connections— or would you say, bonds? Even if you think you’re cherishing them, they can be destroyed at any moment.

Herme: …….. I really don’t understand…

Dreyse: …Herme?


• What is it?

• Is something wrong?

Herme: No, it’s just… I’m remembering some things from the past.

Dreyse: The past?

Herme: An old owner of mine died here, at the site of the Berlin Wall.

Master: …!

Dreyse: Herme…

Herme: Ah, my apologies. The atmosphere became a little heavy, just now.

Herme: We should go back soon. Pay no mind to what I said.


1 ”Yes, sir,” in German.

2 “No compromise,” in German.

Episode 5: Loving Perfection

>Herme: …the school newspaper put something up on the bulletin board. Do you know when that happened?


• I think it was a while ago.

• Wasn’t it about a month ago?

Herme: Even though it was that long ago, no one noticed… Hah… is that really the level of observation here…?


• Eh!?

• What!?

Abruptly, Herme tore the newspaper off of the bulletin board and walked off.

*scene changes*

Herme: Excuse me, is there currently a public relations team involved in making the school newspaper?

Student 1: Y-Yes! Why do you ask…?

Herme: If you know which student wrote this article, would you please inform me of who it is?

Student 1: Aah, that would be me.

Herme: Oh… so it was you. Don’t you think it’s unwise to post an imperfect thing like this in such a public place?

Student 1: Huh? Imperfect…?

Herme: Not only are there spelling mistakes, the conclusion is lacking. Even though this is a school-based newspaper, it’s still far from polished. You need to make sure it’s perfect when finished.

Student 1: Uuh… m-my apologies!

Herme: Your apology is appreciated, but please, go and collect the ones still posted. I’ll help you get it polished and ready to display.

Student 1: Y-Yes, sir!


• Why are you being so particular?

Herme: Why, you ask…? Imperfect things are simply unsightly.

Herme: As for the reason… if I must give one, the circumstances of my creation may have had a bit of an effect on me.

*scene changes to a flashback*

Herme: The history of the DG3’s development goes back to the end days of World War 2, when the Mauser company designed the “Machine Carbine Device 06”.

Herme: Just after it was officially adopted by the military, and just before mass production could begin, World War 2 ended. Its development in Germany was suspended…

Herme: After being expelled from Germany and passed from place to place in search of a country that would develop it, the long process of trial and error was only continued by the engineers of one weapon manufacturer.

Researcher 1: Hey, did you hear? It seems that those two engineers from Germany designed a new gun based on the “Machine Carbine Device 06”. They each submitted one.

Researcher 2: It seems only one person’s design was selected, in the end, though. I think one of the engineers retired because of that. He even left France… I wonder where he’s going now.

Researcher 1: Rumor has it that he was hired by a Spanish company. Supposedly, French authorities tried to prevent him from leaving the country, though they didn’t succeed.

Researcher 2: Is that so… As a fellow researcher, I can understand wanting to continue your research, regardless of the country you’re in. I hope he’ll be able to develop the gun he hopes for in his next location.

*scene returns to the present*

Herme: He went from Germany to France… then, from France to Spain. And in the end, he returned to Germany.

Herme: Even after changing countries, he never ceased pursuing improvement in the performance of his gun… It’s solely because of his tenacity that the DG3— the gun called “me”—, was born.

Herme: —anyway, that wound up being quite a long explanation. My creator was that type of person, the pursuit of perfection is one of my most fundamental traits.

Herme: Do you understand that now?


• I think I understand.

• Thank you for telling me.

Herme: On that note, I expect you to do your best to be perfect as well. Good luck, Master.

Episode 6: Machine Carbine 06

Herme: Hey, (Player Name). You’ve been looking like you want to ask something for a while now


• Because I was eating.

• I thought I’d ask you later.

Herme: Ah, you assumed I’d scold you if you tried to talk while eating. …Heheh.

Herme: Even I wouldn’t nag you that much. I understand that conversation while eating together is important for humans.

Herme: And besides, as a Master, you have no need to be so cautious, do you? You’ve just finished your meal, so please, ask what you wish.


• I want to hear more about the person who made you.

Herme: My creator, you mean? Are you remembering what we spoke of a while ago, perhaps… you’re quite curious as well? Well, it doesn’t bother me for you to ask, so I don’t mind.

Herme: Let’s see… It seems that the one who developed me was a person called Ludwig, however, he wasn’t always involved.

*scene changes to a flashback*

Soldier 1: Hey, did you hear? Supposedly, the German army’s going to put a new gun into use.

Soldier 2: Ah, the one that used to be called the “Machine Carbine 06”, right? I wonder what they’re calling it now… I’ve heard rumors, but I wonder where they’ve been handling the production.

Soldier 1: They went back and forth on it quite a bit, but… I hear that the KK company is in charge now.

Herme: The performance of that gun, which had been developed across many countries, was recognized by the military, and when it finally began to be mass-manufactured— there were new engineers around it.

*scene changes to a hallway*

Engineer 1: That newly developed gun is magnificent. Its operability, accuracy, and durability are all top-notch.

Engineer 2: Indeed, it’s an assault rifle worthy of being our country’s official weapon. I imagine it’ll be called a masterpiece in the future.

Engineer 1: Still, it seems that the higher-ups told us to improve this gun a little more.

Engineer 2: Then let’s do our best to make a superior weapon.

Engineer 2: If it becomes the official weapon, it will be given a new name. I wonder what kind of name that will be…

Herme: Such matters are often out of the researchers’ hands, and it may have simply not been public knowledge at the time. No one knows anything about it…

*scene returns to the present*

Herme: After it was improved by the KK company, what was originally the “Machine Carbine 06” changed its name to the DG3.

Herme: I wonder if Ludwig is proud that it’s gone so far as to be called one of the four great assault rifles.


• Definitely…

• You’re a good gun, Herme.

Herme: Heheh, thank you. I hope that you, my Master, will also recognize that I’m a useful and outstanding gun.

Herme: Of course, that would rely on you seeing the perfect me in proper combat. That is to say, (Player Name), shall we finish our break and head to the training grounds?

Herme: Don’t worry; my training schedule is also perfect. I should be able to train with you and check my performance at the same time, you see.

Episode 7: Herme's Conclusion

Herme: You look quite nervous, Master... Did something happen?


• Herme! Marks is...

• He was defeated during training...

Herme: In training? Someone brought down Marks... who was it?

*scene cuts to the training field*

Marks: Uuugh... Master... I’m sorry for... showing you such a pathetic display... I lost... I can’t believe there was such a strong opponent...

Marks: That tree, with the purplish fruit...! During training... I got hungry... and at some... And then, I... started feeling sick...

*scene returns to the present*

Herme: —I see, so that’s what happened. Perhaps the fruit you ate was poisonous. Goodness sakes, you’re a fool for not checking first.


• I wonder if he’ll be okay...

• Will he get well if I take care of him?

Herme: You don’t need to worry so much; Musketeers are different than humans. Although, you could just return him to a gun and re-summon him after a moment.


• That doesn’t sound right...

Herme:’re a strange person to care so much about a lump of iron.

Herme: If you have too many unnecessary emotions, your chances of survival in a real battle will fall. I think that even I should be more ruthless and level-headed, you see...

Herme: (Otherwise...)

*scene changes to a flashback*

—My former owner was a man with a strong sense of justice. The first battlefield he went to was the invasion of West Berlin— in other words, a battle between fellow Germans.

As he cornered an enemy soldier on that battlefield, he realized that the man before him was once his childhood friend.

Childhood Friend: Please, I’m begging you...! Let me escape...! My sister is ill, and... didn’t we have such good times in the past...?

Man: I can’t do that. Even if we were friends before... we’re each other’s enemies now.

Childhood Friend: If I don’t return home... she’ll...! You won’t just be killing me; you’ll be killing my sister as well...!

Man: It’s no use trying to make me pity you... give up.

Childhood Friend: I beg of you, please... lower... your gun...

Man: .........

—swayed by the pleas of his childhood friend, he let the man go.

However, not long after that, his entire platoon was destroyed thanks to information given by that childhood friend, who feared being pursued—

*scene returns to the present*

Herme: —Humans are tender-hearted things, and easy to sway. You can only rely on yourself. Personal attachments will lead you to ruin.

Herme: In battle, emotions are unnecessary. To enhance the rate of success of operations, as well as your own chance of survival, you must keep a level head. You should remember that as well, (Player Name).


• That sounds kind of lonely.

• I want to believe in the people by my side.

Herme: *sigh*... For you to say something so sentimental...

Herme: I sincerely hope that something that can never be undone doesn’t befall you because of it.

Episode 8: A Comfortable Place

Herme: (Since I’ve returned from Germany, I should report to (Player Name)...)

Herme: ...the common room is awfully noisy. I’ll have a quick peek...

George: I wonder if Herme’s back yet~


• He should return soon.

• Do you need something from him?

George: Dreyse gave me some sausage as a souvenir, so I’m looking forward to what Herme’s gonna bring me.

Herme: —heheh, my apologies for betraying your hopes, but I didn’t bring you anything.

George: Oh, Herme! Welcome back! But seriously~, no souvenirs!?

Herme: If you’re wanting wurst, Dreyse prepared them, as always. You should ask him for some later.

Chassepot: Hmph. You could find a flavor like that anywhere. Don’t you think the terrine I made is far more delicate— and looks far tastier as well?

George: The terrine looks good too; I wanna eat both!

Herme: .........

Jitte: Hahaha, everyone gets so excited when we’re talking about food. Herme-kun, your favorite food is... what?

Before we knew it, Herme, who should have been right there, was about to leave the room.

Jitte: Come on, Herme-kun. It’s been so long, we should talk a little more...

Herme: I’m tired, so I’ll rest a bit first. Don’t worry about me; you all enjoy yourselves.

Marks: ...he left.

Chassepot: Perhaps he was offended by George demanding a souvenir?

George: Huh, so it’s my fault!?


• Herme, wait!

*Master follows Herme out of the room*

Herme: Heheh, why are you panicking? Do you need something from me?

Herme: You were talking with the other Musketeers, weren’t you? There’s really no need to be concerned about me. Just hurry back to the common room, alright?


• What’s wrong?

• What happened?

Herme: Nothing in particular... It’s just— I really am more suited to the German army. That’s all I was thinking.


• Why?

Herme: There, it’s a harsh, strict army trained specially with Dreyse as their commanding officer.

Herme: We’re not treated like human beings there. Rather, we’re nothing but Noble Musketeers— as guns, there are lines that are never crossed.

Herme: —but here, there are many people who treat Musketeers like human beings. Favorite foods? Places I like to be? What’s the use of knowing things like that?

Herme: If a piece of information is useful in battle, it’s fine to consider it. However, their conversation a moment ago was nothing but idle chatter.

Herme: What good does it do to strengthen bonds with my fellow Musketeers? Those sorts of interactions shouldn’t be necessary for those of us who are here to fight.

Herme: Musketeers are guns, just thinking iron. I was summoned and I now have this body, but I don’t want to be treated like a human being.

Herme: I’m not saying that you don’t have to treat me like one, I’m saying that I don’t want it. I’m serious. Such a thing is truly unbearable for me.

Herme: Of course, that applies to you too... Master.

(Player Name) has no choice but to silently watch Herme walk away.